My name is Dr. Michael D. Brown, “The Blogger Formerly Known as Mike the Eyeguy” (2005-2012).

I’m an optometrist and freelance writer. I focus on medical journalism, narrative medicine, and creative nonfiction, especially untold and under-told stories. In 2008, I served a one-year stint as a community columnist at the Huntsville  Times (Alabama). 

I started Ocular Fusion in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I read the riveting firsthand accounts of those who were “live blogging” the horrific aftermath of that powerful storm. I joined them, both out of solidarity with their pain, and as a way to find my writer’s voice. You mean you can write something, hit the “Publish” button, and people can read your stuff? Yeah, put me down for that.

For 7 years (a very long blog life!), I wrote about “everything under the sun,” including religion, faith, Churches of Christ inside baseball, liturgy (and my growing love for it), history, sex (yes, I went there), politics, sports (lots of soccer, Duke basketball, Bama football), family, medicine, eye care, music, movies, and culture (especially the deep fried Southern variety).

You name it, there’s probably a post on it. Most of those are archived now, tucked away out of sight.

I stopped blogging at the end of 2012 because I felt like I had run out of things to say.  That year, I wrote and published a a hidden story from the period of the U.S. civil rights movement that had sunk its teeth in me and would not let go until I finally told it.

Most people recognized it as good news and welcomed it. A few people hated it and wished I had just well enough alone. 

Afterwards, it rendered me speechless.

Eight years later, that story came roaring back, a different hurricane than the first one, whipped up by the convergence and clash of current events. 

That story, I now see, is never going to leave me alone, so I might as well deal with it and tell some more.

Ocular Fusion is reopened for business.