Die Mannschaft v. La Furia Roja

It’s on: Die Mannschaft v. La Furia Roja.

But does anyone care? I do. So does the entire Eyefam. Especially Number Two Son who’s in the thick of it over there. And I bet Brady will watch too, despite the fact that his beloved Nati bit the dust hard and early.

But chances are all this soccer futbol talk will cause the eyes of the average NASCAR/American football fan who hangs out here to glaze over a bit.

Too bad.

Covering World Cup ’06 2 years ago has been one of the highlights of my blogging career. Among my favorites during that time were the story of my very-best-day-ever on the pitch in “Allez, le Vieux” (“Go, you old boys!) and blogging the final live with JRB and Hermit Jeremy.

Futbol fans the world over trekked to Ocular Fusion in those header-filled days, and some of them have hung around. My friend Laurie (aka Seattle Soccer Mom) started reading my World Cup posts back then and that was the start of some big things for her. After some very intelligent observations regarding some of my posts, she had this to say on 8/10/06:

“I just stole my last post to start my own blog, having recently gotten back in touch with the “I write, therefore I am” aspect of my personality. Link to me occasionally!”

Little did she know then how things would turn out.

Since that time, Laurie, a can’t-get-enough fan of the L.A. Galaxy and the French National Team (Les Bleus), has gone on to become a big-time soccer blogger, with posts showing up on several internationally-popular soccer blogs (such as here and here). This goal-filled gig, by the way, has involved hopping on jets and traveling to exotic locales to cover her favorite teams.

Not that I’m jealous or anything like that. No siree. Not the magnanimous Mike the Eyeguy. Perish the thought.

She’s pretty modest too and seems surprised by her sudden success.

But I’m not–I knew she was a pretty special writer from the get-go.

Speaking of which, “Allez, le Laurie!”

I would say “Go, you old girl,” but I don’t know how to say that in French.

  1. JRB

    That was some fine writing, wasn’t it?

    If we happen to be in front of the same TV tomorrow, We might have to set up a pallet or something for the girls’ afternoon naps, depending on the quality of play…..

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    If that should happen, we could do pallets.

    Or, if they’re just too amped up to sleep, we have a bucket of “girl toys” as backup. Who would have thought that we would have such a thing lying around at the Delta House?

  3. Jeff Slater

    I watched some of the final today, and really enjoyed it. And I’m a NASCAR/American football fan.

    But then again, I also love hockey.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    You are a Man for All Seasons. Wait, that one’s already taken. We’ll just have to call you Eclectic Jeff.

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