Is There An Orthodontist In The House?

Seven-year-old Yang Peiyi takes one in the teeth, so to speak, for Team Red.

Sheez, and I thought Americans were the only ones hung up over the whole Barbie doll thing.

  1. greg

    that’s pretty sad. I read something yesterday about how the fireworks above the stadium during the opening ceremonies were digitally created for the broadcast. They actually happened live, too, but the ones seen on television were created before hand so that the “smog” wouldn’t interfere and it would be a clear picture for tv.

    I wonder what else wasn’t real Friday night?

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Good question.

    Beijing-based Atlantic writer James Fallows thinks the images of “mass conformity” and the “harmonious society” promoted by the oh-so-synched opening ceremonies may have involved some sleight of hand also (click here).

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