Inclusive rehearsal dinner prayer following many funerals

“Great Creator, we offer our gratitude for this moment we are in—and for life itself. Love is all around us tonight. A & Z are its source and center, and our eyes are drawn toward them.

“May Z & A receive courage, comfort, and strength as they pledge their love and commitment to each other. May the rest of us promise to assist and encircle them whenever they need us. Help us to renew our own vows of the heart, whatever they may be.

“By faith, we hold to the hope we are surrounded and supported by ‘a great cloud of witnesses’ who have lived, loved, and died before us. The memories of their words and deeds fill the air around us. These dearly beloved are seated in honor at tables set in our hearts, and tonight we feast with them as well.

“Great Giver, provider of all good gifts and food that nourishes both body and soul, we ask you to bless this meal. Through it, unite us in love with A & Z, strengthen us for tomorrow, and make our hearts glad. We give thanks for those who prepared it; may they be lifted high to a place of honor.

“We are grateful for the safe arrival of those here tonight, and we pray for the safe travels of those who will join us tomorrow.

“We offer our prayer together with all the holy names of God, and with Christ. Amen.”