Nick Saban Is No Atheist, A’ight?

Yet, for some reason many people think he is. Just Google the phrase “Is Nick Saban an atheist?” and see what site you get. Go ahead, try it.

I first noticed this back around the time he was hired, and even today I get about 15-20 people a month who come to Ocular Fusion that way. Wierd. I mean all you have to do is go to Nick’s MySpace page and you can plainly see that he is “Christian–other.”

I take that to mean that he shows up to some kind of church every now and then, but that the “other” refers to those Sundays when he’s worshiping at The Altar of Previous Game Film Footage.

Of course, there are some who probably think he’s the devil himself. You know, “Nick Satan:”


Nothing like a good ol’ fashion effigy-burning on a crisp, Deep South fall night.

On the field, look for Bama to prevail, but we won’t win going away like Georgia and Florida did. We’ll gut it out with smashmouth D and an ugly, but efficient-enough mix of run/pass, per usual.

Either that or Nick Satan will consume the Tigers with fire from his fingertips, or something like that.

Reauxll Tide, Reauxll.

UPDATE: Here’s a nice article from Birmingham News writer Kevin Scarbinsky detailing the reception awaiting Saban, and also this one from Ian Rapoport on game security.

BTW, I learned this from the Scarbinsky piece: Saban is Catholic.

  1. mmlace

    Wow. That’s funny! Shame I’m going on a camping trip this weekend and won’t be around a TV to see it!

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Believe it or not I won’t be watching it either–prelims of state soccer tournament in Decatur.

    But I will be listening as Eli Gold of the Crimson Tide Radio Network calls the game. That’s better than listening to Verne Lunquist and Gary Danielson cheer for the Tigers on CBS anyway.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    Duke has a football team? Oh yeah, I guess they do.

  4. greg

    ha ha ha. Cutcliffe seems to have them moving in the right direction, which is pretty cool. I just hope he’ll stay there for awhile. Especially if Davis is going to stay at UNC.

    I hope the AL/LSU game is a good one. So many of the ‘big’ SEC games have been disappointments (i.e. blowouts) this year, at least from the perspective of one who doesn’t have a horse in the race.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    I would of course love a blowout, but I’m a homer for Bama. I think it will be a close one, probably down to the wire.

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    Greg, I was right and you got your wish.

    Oh my, what a game. Got to do some deep breathing now. Way to go Hawkeyes, go OSU Cowboys, Roll Tide, Roll!

    And hellooooooo Atlanta!

    When you gut one out like that after making as many mistakes as we did today, I start to think–destiny. They’re starting to make a believer out of me.

  7. cg

    OSU Cowboys? Rock on Texas Tech. Is it too early to consider a title toss-up between those red elephants and the Red Raiders?

  8. cg

    Of course, if a ‘Bama/Texas Tech championship game did come about, I would have to root for TT in the spirit of BO’s ‘redistribution of wealth’… Know what I mean? ‘Bama has 11 national titles, TT has none.

  9. Mike the Eyeguy

    Once upon a time (2006 Cotton Bowl), the Crimson Tide came up against another “high powered” Texas Tech offense, and the final score was 13-10 Bama.

    We’re just enjoying the ride, wherever it takes us. At least it won’t be Shreveport, LA this year.

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