Membership Has Its “Privileges”

members-only-logojacket-111507-2.jpgIf you’re among the (*cough*) “elite corps” (aka “The Fusioneers”) that has registered here, you received an email this morning containing a sneak preview of a new blog that I’m rolling out.

It contains the community columns that I wrote this past year for The Huntsville Times, not to mention a “bonus track” from the early years.

Oh, and a few other tidbits, such as a picture of me (kudos to Number One Son for his mad photography and computer animation skillz) and my real name (like it’s so tough to figure out).

You see! Membership really does have its “privileges.” I’ll eventually make it more public, but for a little while at least, you guys get to breath some very rarefied air.

If you’re a regular who’s registered and you didn’t receive it, there’s probably a problem with the email that you used when you signed up. Just let me know and I’ll send it to you.

If you haven’t registered, either sign up or email me and I’ll send it to you, too. Remember, nobody sees your email address except me. I promise not to sell you out to Googlezon, no matter how deep the next Great Depression gets.

I’ve been wanting to get those columns under “one roof” for a while so that they could be more easily accessed, but I had to wait until the rights had fully reverted back to me. It’ll make it easier to send them to friends and others, such as any editors desperate enough to hire me for additional work, who might be interested in reading them.

It was a real eye-opener sorting through my registrants and trying to figure out who was legit and who wasn’t.

Sorry, Russian spammers KSGHWOUR%$!+)% and BNSDBB*&@#!*+^, but you’re out of luck. But you know how much I appreciate your relentless, 24/7, computer-generated attempts at international goodwill and cooperation.

And a special note to registrants “AuburnFan” and “WAREAGLE93.” I couldn’t decide if you guys were legit or not. You may very well be since I do have a number of pretty decent Barners in my circle. But then again, you’ve never left a comment, so I couldn’t be sure.

Not that I’m blaming you considering what has happened this year. And then there’s that very special Christmas present you received from your AD, UP and “Lord Lowder,” Emperor of the AU BOT–your new Head Coach “Lump O. Coal.”

Uh, were y’all “bad boys” this year or what?

But I’m not one to pile on like Mt. Cody, who by the way, was named First Team AP All American yesterday along with Andre Smith and Antoine Caldwell. Nosiree, if you’re the real deal, and not just mere spammers, let me know and I’ll send the link to you, too.

Oh, and one more thing: “Merry Chizikmas” and “Roll Tide!”

  1. Donna

    good stuff….I will have to read all of those when nobody else is posting….

  2. JRB

    I’m afraid that Auburn hire is “High Risk – Mediocre Reward.” Unless CGC has some secret mojo he kept in a bottle at Iowa STATE, then AU’s gonna be paying more coaches not to coach than to show up on Saturday, making them, as JAW suggested this week, just like General Motors.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    JAW said that? Well, I guess he should know, right? I didn’t realize he had changed work digs (again). Gotta track that boy down.

    I was talking with a good Auburn friend last evening and he was so down about it, that I just couldn’t twist the knife in the small of the back like I usually do. In fact, I wound up consoling him (“surely CGC can’t be that bad.”).

    Can you believe that? Is that some “seasonal charity,” or what?

  4. doublevision

    How far back in your closet did you have to look to find a members only jacket?

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    That’s not mine, but man, I sure wish it was… 🙂

  6. JRB

    Just to be clear, JAW said it to me on Facebook, not his blog. I think that thing is dead for good, much to my disappointment.

  7. Mike the Eyeguy

    Oh, okay, Facebook. That’s that thing my sons tell me that I can absolutely under no circumstances ever consider joining–EVAH!

    Lucky for me, I have my own “friends” here, right? Right?

    You betcha.

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