It Won’t Be Easy in The Big Easy

allstatesb.jpgFinally, after a week in which Outland Trophy winner and our Biggest Ugly of them all, Andre Smith, was suspended for contact with a sports agent and key assistants gazed longingly at greener, more cash-filled pastures (and yes, it looks like Bama DC Kevin Steele is off to Clemson), we get to play a football game tonight.

Bama is a 9-point favorite against the Utah Utes in tonight’s Sugar Bowl. Sure, the Tide would much rather be playing a higher profile team like Texas or Ohio State, but they know the Utes have a mid-major-sized chip on their shoulders and will be bringing it hard.

Bama has much to play for as well–a crowning touch to a surprisingly overachieving season and the school’s first win in a BCS game. Still, it seems like Bama is in a bit of a “no-win” situation here, castigated by the ESPN talking heads if they lose, met with a sigh and a “So what?” if they win.

From a psychological standpoint, it’ll be interesting to see how they respond. I imagine that St. Nick has anticipated all this and will have them fighting ready. It won’t be decided early, but look for Bama to pull away and prevail as their punishing defense and grinding ground game/dink and dunk attack exact their customary toll over the first 3 quarters. And don’t be surprised if Julio doesn’t break open a big one or two as well.

Of course, if the Tide wants to surprise me and perform an encore of the first half of Blackout Night in Athens, I’m down with that.

Number One Son got a ticket and some walking-around-The-French-Quarter cash for Christmas, so he’s on the ground in The Big Easy filing regular dispatches.

Well, actually we’ve only heard from him twice, once to tell us he was there safe and sound, and once to tell us that he’d just ate the most amazing crawfish etouffee. Good, I hear they have stuff like that down there.

Before he left, I issued him the following instructions: Don’t talk to sports agents (or crossdressers. Is there a difference?), no violations of “team rules,” and keep your money, ID and CC in that little travel pouch around your neck, your hand on your phone and your head on your shoulders at all times.

Here’s hoping the Tide keeps theirs as well, because one thing’s for sure: It won’t be easy in The Big Easy.

Roll Tide, Roll.

  1. JRB

    Considering the first quarter, you’ve done a good job of lowering expectations.

    Go Conference!

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    I really didn’t mean to lower them that low.

    Our O-line is decimated. Thanks Andre.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    I have a man-crush on Javier. Roll Tide!

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Wow, that was very disappointing–and surprising.

    Halftime. Time to peel some plaster. Second half. Different team. Let’s go, Tide.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    That’s more like it. 17 unanswered points now. Keep on rolling.

  6. JRB

    This drive was the real thing. Utah got a little too cute, and I imagine that the weight-differential on both lines is going to catch up with the Ute’s fitness.

  7. Mike the Eyeguy

    Okay, it’s not just the O-line. We apparently can’t tackle either.

  8. JRB

    Yeah, never mind.

  9. JRB

    That is not your daddy’s Tiffin.

  10. Mike the Eyeguy

    Nope. I had hope after the 52 yarder, but no more. That’s 6 we’ve left off the board now on a night when we can ill afford too.

    ‘Preciate the support, bro. This is rough.

  11. JRB

    Roll Tide.

  12. Mike the Eyeguy

    The Utes had a great plan and executed flawlessly. Our O-line was totally overmatched tonight, Andre’s suspension and Johnson’s injury exacting their toll.

    What really puzzled me was our inability to tackle and make stops when we needed to. Lack of fitness and preparation? We looked a little “soft” tonight. The Utes looked rock hard. The Bama coaching staff is going to have to take a long hard look at their preparation. I know the Utes were practicing early for this game when we weren’t and I think that showed tonight.

    Tough way to end an otherwise stellar, overachieving 12-2 season. Consoling thought: The best is yet to come. It just didn’t come tonight.

    Roll Tide, anyway. Go Gators.

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