A Drip Off The Old Block

All across the South this week, dozens of new football recruits signed on the dotted line and donned their new lids, sometimes in very elaborate and ham-handed ways (Just kidding. We love ya Dre–Roll Tide!).

Speaking of hams, how ’bout the Vols’ new “wunderkind” HC Lane Kiffin? The guy hasn’t coached a single game in the SEC and he’s already talking trash and accusing his colleagues of cheating? This is going to be soooo much fun!

Number Two Son has completed his own “official visits” and is sitting on and mulling over acceptances from Harding, Lipscomb, Auburn and the University of West Florida. Now we’re just waiting for him to call his own presser and don his favorite ball cap, or in the case of the UWF Argonauts, a Greek battle helmet.

Meanwhile, down in T-town, the academic all-star Number One Son is a second-year junior and starting to get into the meat of his biology major/history minor curriculum. I figured he owed most of his classroom success to me and those fine intellectual genes that I passed on.

But while reading the online version of the student newspaper The Crimson White this week, I discovered that he apparently has another high-octane secret weapon.

Our son is now the official poster child for caffeine addiction at the University of Alabama! We’re so proud!

At first, I thought, Hey, even I don’t drink that much. But then I started counting them up, and it wasn’t long before I ran out of fingers and had to start using my toes.

Turns out the boy is a drip off the old block after all.

With apologies for reckless use of a pun while writing under the influence of caffeine, I bid you all a great weekend.

And to my Crimson brothers and sisters out there–Roll Tide, Roll! The third weekend in October is going to be more fun than ever.

  1. Donna

    Via Facebook:

    “Oh yeah! Roll Tide Roll…..The boys on Jox were giving them ole’ Tennessee boys a real hard time this morning…gotta love it”

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Not to be outdone, former Tide recruiting ace and now turncoat AC to Lane “The Vain” Kiffin, the master of doublespeak himself, Lance “Burn Those Bridges” Thompson pitches in. (click here).

    Man, this is getting really good.

  3. Mike the Redneck

    Whale, I reckon this hearuh little pitcher ’bout sums up the way I feel about thahutt.

    Roll Tide, Roll.

  4. Jeff Slater

    Glad to see another top-notch recruiting class for The Tide. And Meechigan didn’t do too badly, either.

    It seems Kiffin is in over his head. Perhaps he needs to get out of Neyland stadium and go read a book to some school children…

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    I’m betting there are a fair number of UT fans who aren’t very pleased with young Kiffin this morning. He’s starting to make Al Davis look downright sane.

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    Or then again, maybe they’re all head over heels in love with the guy–much needed jolt of electricity into a low-voltage program, etc, etc. (click here).

    Or maybe it’s really love MRS. Kiffin they love. Who knows?

  7. JRB

    Be proud that No. 1 is the poster child for coffee and not black-market Aderol. As for me, my mom started giving me coffee before school in 4th grade, the nadir of my addiction, and I hit the apex in law school at about 4 cups a night. Now, I’m down to a manageable 4-5 per day. All is well.

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    I agree, of all the things you could be hooked on, something that actually reduces your risk of life-threatening disease, too? Pass the java, baby!

    (*sniff, sniff* Mmmm…I think that fresh pot is ready)

    My momma can one up your momma. My earliest memory is of her giving me Coke in my bottle (click here). She got some needed zzzzs and I got a mouth full of cavities and a caffeine addiction.

    But man, can I ever multitask!

  9. Mike the Eyeguy

    Oooh, ooh, here’s another one (click here), h/t to Number One Son.

    Lance, what was that you were saying about “owning Memphis” and that Nick Saban “ain’t getting any more of my recruits?”

    Roll Tide, baby.

  10. bpb

    You have a son considering going to Auburn??? Oy vey!

  11. Mike the Eyeguy

    Oh no, that’s not a done deal or anything. As I said sometime back, the boy marches to a funky beat. I think I know which way he’s leaning, and I’m not too worried. But if he picks The Barn, I’ll deal with it.

  12. carolinagirl

    What’s a few cups of coffee…:0) I’ll admit to drinking a rather tall mug in the morning. Yep, I’ve got one of those high speed travel mugs with a screw on lid that came from one of those preppy coffee shops that no one can afford any more. I fill it to the rim before heading to work and have it drunk by the time I reach work. Should I mention this black lava mixture (that includes vanilla creamer) is drunk prior to doing some sort of physical training? Should I mention that a down a can of diet Mountain Dew after doing some sort of physical training. Okay, okay…at least I down a bit of gatorade in between.

  13. Mike the Eyeguy

    Hey, part of the reason I run (and I bet you’re the same way) is so I can pretty much eat and drink what I want.

    My problem is that at work I go and get just “a little bit” of coffee from the community pot. If I only did that once it would be fine, but multiply “a little bit” by 5-6X day and you end up with “a whole lot.”

  14. carolinagirl

    ME: That’s part of the reason why I run. I usually reward myself with a couple of scoops of ice-cream after a long, long run (of which I haven’t done in awhile). Hmm – I wonder if what the effect would be if I added a bit of coffee to those scoops. Chocolate covered coffee beans might add flavor.

  15. Mike the Eyeguy

    Number One informed this past weekend that he exaggerated his caffeine claims, thinking that would help get his name in the paper.


    Man, the things some people will do for a little ink.

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