Now Gew Away, Or I Shall Taunt Yew a Secund Time-uh!

I’ve been watching some Youtube clips of Monty Python and the Holy Grail this morning in order to jog the memory banks for tomorrow’s trip down to The Von Braun Center (that’s pronounced BROWN for the uninitiated) to see the Broadway production of Spamalot.

If you were a geeky nerd like me in the late 1970s, chances are you made several trips to the theater to see that irreverant parody of the Arthurian Legend and that it was probably the first movie that you watched on VHS. Eyegal was more partial to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but what do you expect from a girl who waved a Bic lighter while riding some dude’s shoulders at a Boston concert?

I was steeped in this stuff and spent many hours memorizing the lines and parroting them back and forth with other nerdy friends of mine. That started a life-long affair with dry, British wit and probably goes a long way in explaining some of my more obvious mental tics.

My parents drew the line at Bo Derek and 10 (they didn’t know about the posters in Spencer’s Gifts), but they tolerated this one, although I think they were a little worried that I would turn into some kind of sacred institution-bashing anarchist. Silly them.

My favorite scene? Oh please, don’t make me pick. Alright, if you absolutely insist.

I’m betting PETA wouldn’t approve of that one if they tried to do it today. Now gew away, or I shall taunt you a secund time-uh!

  1. K

    From Facebook:

    Oooo, is it Curse Like a Dirty Frenchmen Day today. Hooray. I love CLDF day.

  2. J

    From Facebook:

    Sounds like so much fun! Think I’ll try it, too.

  3. G

    From Facebook:

    The guys over at Big Idea Productions must have been fans too, substituting the Walls of Jericho for the castle walls, and slushies for various farm animals. The French taunts remain.

  4. Hal

    I thought the funniest scene of that movie was when one of the guys was caught in that castle full of women, and he was told to go spank one of them for being naughty. Just then, his friends came in to rescue him. He was suddenly reluctant to be saved.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    It figures that would be your favorite… 🙂

  6. Laurie

    Ha! You will LOVE the play! Just don’t expect “exactly the same.” Expect “lovingly ripped off” and you’ll have a blast.

    (My 13 yo can quote that French scene by heart. Actually, I think it helped his accent when he was trying to say things like , “Merci”and “De Rien” in Paris last year.)

  7. JRB

    I have been to that very castle in Scotland where they shot the scene with those frogs. We even “ran away, ran away, ran away”! I have the pictures to prove it. That’s holy ground, right there.

    “See the violence inherent in the system!”

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    Teen-fawh, Laur-ee, I’ll keeep that een mind-uh.

  9. Mike the Eyeguy

    “See the violence inherent in the system!”

    That may beee my secund favawhaat.

  10. S

    From Facebook:

    “Get away from here you filthy English K’niggits!”

  11. D

    From Facebook:

    Saw “Spamalot” in Vegas. The best part for me is when the audience begins to recite the lines along with the actors. I found myself laughing early in anticipation of the punchlines.

    “Well I am King.” “And how did you get that then? By exploiting the workers….”

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