World Cup 2006-Live With the Eyeguy!

I’ll be blogging live with my reactions and thoughts during the final match this afternoon between France and Italy. I’ve never blogged live during a sporting event before, but I’ve seen others do it and it looks like fun so I’m going to give it a whirl. Expect a lot of typos, and hopefully, a lot of Gooooooooooals!

Here’s some good reading while you’re all waiting with bated breath for me to start: First, a great match preview (complete with a cool diagram of starting lineups) from USA Today, and second (and third), a couple of good background articles from Slate: The True Story of American Soccer and Among the Brainiacs–The Intellectual Classes Descend on Soccer.

The last article explains nicely how a guy like me fell in love with “The Beautiful Game”–it’s all part of being a card-carrying member of the American intelligentsia. Nancy French (say, don’t you have a vested interest in who wins here?), if you’re reading this, now you know.

Joga Bonito! And may it never end.

  1. hermit Jeremy

    i should say, this was yesterday… but it was very satisfying.

    Germany scored three goals, two being very, very beautiful. they even had one attempt, that had it been successful would’ve rivaled maxi rodriguez’s goal (argentina) against mexico, where he chested it down and sent a cannon into the net.

    kahn, or super-kahn, as the univisiĆ³n commentators refer to him, had some absolutely beautiful stops.

    and, figo, served up a nice header for n. gomes… there was nothing the commanding kahn could do to stop. there was no shame in that goal…

    it is great that both figo and kahn can end there international soccer carreers on high notes.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    I agree on all counts. All four of the goals were “good goals,” highlighting on a couple of occasions the profound “knuckling” effect of the new Adidas WC ball.

    Kahn was magnificient–a great closing act–and Figo’s serve was immaculate. It was good to see the Germans, who have been excellent hosts, receive a great performance from their boys. They have nothing to be ashamed of.

  3. JRB

    I have no idea who I’m for today. No idea at all. Go Blue.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Glad to have you on board JRB. Go Blue, indeed!

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