Red and Below-the-Knee, Thank Goodness

img_0102.JPGSo what kind of cast is this fall’s best-dressed 13-year-old young man wearing?

Red and below-the-knee, thank goodness.

Number Three paid a visit to the orthopedist yesterday to have his newly-aquired tibial fracture checked out. The bad news is that he’s out of soccer for three months. We had figured something like that, but it was still hard hearing it firsthand. The good news is that he received a below-the-knee cast which allows for greater mobility and less discomfort than his previous above-the-knee temporary splint. Even better, if healing is sufficient at his 2-week visit, he may be able to ditch the cast for a removable fracture boot which would make showering and other tasks considerably easier.

True to his squad, Number Three chose red for the color of his cast in honor of the Kicks Futbol Club. Now all he needs is a Sharpie and that cast will have more graffiti than a New York subway in a New York minute. It’ll be a revealing sociologial experiment, to say the least, to see what kind of messages today’s Millennials leave on a compadre’s cast. I may do a “cast update” later and let you know some of the more interesting ones.

Number Three is very appreciative of all the messages and well-wishes left on the previous post. He would also like to point out that any Slim Jim donations will be gratefully accepted.

  1. Jeff Slater

    Is there any way you could put This in the front center of his cast?

  2. Hal

    #3 is looking sharp there. Hurray for below the knee cast. I know that he is very thankful for the additional mobility. I hope he gets the boot in 2 weeks.

    Please post your fax number so that I can fax you a check for my donation to the slim jim fund.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    Jeff, that’s an excellent idea. We also thought about a sticker of his soccer club logo.

    Roll Tide. Go Kicks.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy


    Thanks. We’ll collect from you next time we pass through N.E. TN!

  5. Brady

    Put a small white cross on that buddy and he’ll be playing for the Swiss National Team in a couple of years. Don’t laugh, we just beat Costa Rica last night…

  6. Mike the Eyeguy


    Number Three would be proud to take the pitch for The Nati.

  7. Nancy

    Poor baby! But, boy is he a cutie!!

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    Oh great, Nancy, now his head is swollen in addition to his leg! 🙂

  9. hooteewho

    I am with Nancy, son number three is a doll!
    Glad he has a smaller shorter cast.
    My number one was born with a congenital dislocated hip, and she was in a half body cast for over a year. If you need any tips on cast care, drop me an email!

  10. Mike the Eyeguy

    Thanks Hoots. We’re hoping it’ll only be a 2-3 week deal, but if it goes longer, we’ll be talking!

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