Hare Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Ok, I know how it goes. You have the best of intentions of following through on my suggestion from yesterday and watching It’s a Wonderful Life with your family this Christmas, but your busy holiday, er, I mean Christmas schedule just won’t allow it. Maybe you’ve got miles to travel, last-second shopping to do, or perhaps you’ll be picketing down at the local Wal-Mart or Target with a sign that reads, “Merry Christmas…or else!”

Don’t despair. To the rescue in our fast-food, instant gratification world rides this 30-second short film parody of It’s a Wonderful Life starring the cute, adorable little hares of the world famous 30 Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe. So if you’re pressed for time, click here and enjoy the show.

(Hat tip to Jared Cramer)

  1. Ed

    You forgot to mention the 1983 classic “A Christmas Story”, which is also available on the site. The movie has no social redeeming value or theological sound points, but is chock full of Americana.

  2. mike


    There’s a very good reason I didn’t mention “A Christmas Story.” As an eye care professional, I cannot condone Red Ryder BB guns–somebody might shoot their eye out!

  3. DJG

    Perfect! Fits in great with my holiday schedule!!

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