Wanted: A Tigger With a ‘Tude


Have you seen this so-called “lovable” mascot? If so, please be aware that he is considered ornery and armed with a wicked left velvet paw. He is accused of having a little “bouncy, trouncy, pouncy, punchy” fun with an annoying dweeb. The only problem is that he didn’t “suckerpunch” him nearly hard enough.

If you do see him, call animal control immediately and head for the hills before you have your own “nightmarish” encounter with this Tigger with a ‘tude. Here is video of the “attack” (which reveals considerable horseplay taking place prior) and here is the video of CBS News’ morning anchor Hannah Storm (click “Tigger Trouble”) interviewing the traumatized teen, his father and, of course, their lawyer.

Caution: Hannah is no Edward R. Murrow.

  1. Terri

    Oh puh leeze!

  2. Jeff Slater

    I saw that, and it is so obvious that the kid did something to provoke it. He was doing something behind Tigger’s back.

    But, the family will sue. Disney will settle just to be done with it. The poor guy playing Tigger will be fired. An ambulance-chasing lawyer will collect a hefty fee. And we will all be worse off because of it.

  3. Brady

    I think it was all an accident. If you look at the expression on Tigger’s face, you can see he meant no harm.

  4. Stoogelover

    This is what gives lawyers a bad name. For one thing, the “slap” could not have inflicted any harm whatsoever. I’d be embarrassed to claim that hurt! What a whimp! I hope the family enjoys what money is left over after lawyer’s fees.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    This just in: Teamsters defend Tigger (click here).

    Teamsters representative Snow White (aka Donna Dalton) told reporters that the aforementioned dweeb was pulling on the back of Tigger’s costume and cutting off his oxygen supply. According to her, Tigger was simply trying to extricate himself from a “bad situation.”

    I don’t know about you, but that sounds perfectly plausible to me. It just goes to show you that there are two sides to every story…

  6. Terri

    …need I say – Don’t mess with a Tiger! War Eagle 🙂

  7. Mike the Eyeguy

    That kid better be glad he wasn’t messing with Aubie (click here)!

  8. GREG

    I saw this on YouTube a couple of days ago. It’s pretty simple – dad sees an opportunity for $, so he’s going after it. This kid is 14! I’ll bet his classmates can’t wait for him to get back to school to ridicule him.

  9. Mike the Eyeguy

    A prison sentence would be easier than dealing with the typical middle school horde.

  10. rejoyce

    I think Brady gets my vote for best comment on this post. That made me laugh out loud! Good one!

  11. Mike the Eyeguy

    Make that two votes for Brady.

  12. Brady

    Thanks. It’s just that Tigger is Wife’s favorite.

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