O Say, Can You Sing?*

american-flag-thumb.gifThanks to Jenny V for sending me this video of the crowd at Rhodes Memorial Field House singing the Star Spangled Banner (A Cappella, of course) prior to the Harding v. Henderson State game this past Saturday.

If anyone knows of another athletic venue in the country where the entire crowd sings the U.S. National Anthem in four-part harmony, please let me know.

O say, can you sing? If you’re a member of the Church of Christ, you bet your Bible Belt bottom you can.

*This post is dedicated to those very special Harding alumni who break into hives and apoplectic fits at the site of the Stars and Stripes and/or the singing of the National Anthem and recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance anywhere on, or near, the grounds of the Harding Campus.

  1. GKB

    Thanks, EyeGuy!

  2. GREG

    Why didn’t they sing the whole song? 🙂

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    *GKB takes a nibble…*

    OTC hydrocortisone works well in most cases. If itching is severe, see your dermatologist. 😉

    *The Eyeguy reels him in…*

    Greg F–

    Jenny V got a late start and then was concerned about her battery. Too bad, because you could really hear all four parts well in the closing crescendo.

  4. Stoogelover

    However, Mike, there is a trend among us that is robbing us of the four-part harmony and that is the use of slides in worship. Not saying it’s wrong, mind you, but when our people see only the words, over time the singing is more and more just the soprano or the lead notes as the harmonies are dropping by the way.

  5. KS

    Nice post. I’d have loved to be there. Waiting for the GKB response…and it happened 🙂

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    SL, now don’t you go getting me started on PowerPoint!

    Wait a minute. You’re jamming with a praise band and you’re worried about the loss of 4-part harmony? 😉

    Here’s something else I’ve noticed. On secular college campuses across the country, a cappella groups, large and small, are all the rage. Interesting.

    KS–Like a proton to an electron. GKB is a decent chap and a good sport.

  7. Keith

    I was there. Its an inspiring moment to witness cause we usually hear it with accompanyment or solo. I believe the history of the fairly new tradition started when the CD that was supposed to play the anthem didn’t work, so Mike James the PA announcer started singing it and the crowd joined in. The rest is history. I stand to be corrected on this but believe it to be true.

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    Keith–just one word:


  9. April K.

    Eyeguy, the video was wonderful! I’ve watched it over and over, just stunned at how beautiful our national anthem can be if sung well. But I want more please!

    Do you think Jenny V could be persuaded to attend another Harding home game and get the whole anthem from, “Would you please rise..” all the way through to “Play Ball!”??? That would be a keeper.

  10. Mike the Eyeguy

    Hey April, glad you enjoyed the video. I doubt that Jenny V (who lives in St. Louis) will be back down there anytime soon, but maybe I can work some of my Harding connections to see if we can get another one up for you!

  11. Jenny V

    If any of your connections *do* get the entire thing- I want a copy as well! I’m kicking myself for not waiting 15 seconds till the end!

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