Boo’s Back


Looks like Boo’s back, uncovering the past as always.

Harding alum and 2006 Pulitzer nominee Jerry “Boo” Mitchell is a violent racist’s worst nightmare. And to think, I knew him when he was wearing that dorky top hat and orange suspenders. Ever the campus subversive, he could sure rake that Harding muck (such as it was).

  1. Mike the Eyeguy

    Tell him the Eyeguy said “hey.” Well, I wasn’t an Eyeguy then, only the skinny freshman who lived in Grad and admired his “muckraking” columns. He was a popular chapel speaker, and as he would make his way toward the podium, he would be greeted with the inevitable chorus of “Boooooooo.”

    Speaking of speaking, I can’t believe that you guys are having him for your distinguished lecture series and Harding hasn’t yet. Oh wait, yes I can.

    There’s another great wrong that needs to be set to rights.

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