O! Must We Be So Predictable?

cupid_psyche.jpgEyegal and I love each other a lot. If you read that Washington Post article from yesterday, you’ll know what I mean when I say that we’re cruising along, kicking up a fair amount of oxytocin with some frequent dopamine now and then to spice things up. In short, I ain’t complainin’ and neither is she (I hope).

But when it comes to the whole Valentine Day’s thing, we just refuse to get too worked up after nearly 22 years of raising kids and romance-in-the-trenches. In days of yore, we used to knock ourselves out, buying the cards, roses, lacy teddies and tacky boxers, etc. and competing with the masses for that rare table at the most popular bistro for Valentine’s Day dinner.

But no more. We steadfastly refuse to be co-opted by and assimilated into the Madison Avenue/Hallmark coalition.

I must say, though, that things have really been breaking my way this week. Monday night, we were gifted with a nice dinner out from some friends. The host even made sure that each lady present had a single red rose (mark that one off my list!).

Last night, Eyegal gave me my Valentine’s Day present so we could celebrate a little early (four new wine glasses and a nice bottle of red). For her part, she now has a very nice red camisole to wear with some of her outfits this spring. Next week, we plan to quietly celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day with a couple of close friends at another bistro after all the hoopla has settled down.

Now there’s nothing wrong with making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day–to each his (or her) own. It’s just that we’re a little burned out with people telling us that we have to have such and such feeling at a certain time. In other words, we’re tired of dancing to another person’s tune. Especially when that person is asking the question: What’s in your wallet?

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. May your celebrations–whether small or large–be blessed. And, of course, filled with copious amounts of dopamine.

  1. Brady

    Well I came here to hear about Valentine’s day and I was not disappointed. However, if you start to have the same attitudes about Christmas, then the whole world economy might collapse and people will start calling you Scrooge.

    Glad you enjoyed the wine. Vintage?

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Hardly vintage. But it does have a cute picture of a penguin on the label.

  3. Stoogelover

    I’m right there with you. “Romance in the trenches” proves love far more than a cheesy card. After 32 years, we’re pretty committed to one another, and intentionally show it on a daily basis. Never taking each other for granted.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    “Romance in the trenches”


  5. Jason Bybee

    Great stuff, as always Mike. I love the “romance in the trenches” line.

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    Thanks Jason. Basically, Eyegal is like a comfortable pair of old shoes.

    Wait, that didn’t come out quite right! Make that a comfortable pair of shoes, that while somewhat aged, look (and smell) brand new.

    Hallmark, I’m your man.

  7. Eyegal

    Don’t think that he gets off this easy every year. He’s normally very romantic…just think that the trench has been a bit extra deep this year. Next year, I’ll be expecting something really special again!

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    Yes ma’am.

    Are you referring to the trench that we’re both in this year, or the one that I dug a couple of comments ago?

  9. Laurie

    As my daughter would say, “No, stupid! Dig UP!!!”

    My husband and I are also so-so on Valentine’s day and, interestingly, our anniversary. But heaven help he or she who doesn’t go all out for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and birthdays!

  10. Mike the Eyeguy

    The only time I ever forgot our anniversary, I lucked out; Eyegal did too. My sister had to call and remind us.


  11. Jason Bybee

    Sorry, Mike. Didn’t mean to cause you to dig a “new” trench. 🙂

    We enjoyed a romantic dinner at Little Rosie’s before church. Abby Kate serenaded us with a chorus of screams and convulsions. Welcome to the trench, eh?

  12. Carolinagirl

    When I was a little girl, my dad would always give my mom one of those huge boxes of chocolates. Never quite figured that one out, but us four little girls would always receive a tiny heart-shaped box as well.

    For now, I’ll say, Happy belated V-day to all the single people in the world.

    I saw a flyer with rose prices on them a few days ago. A dozen red were almost $80 and that was without a vase. Any other color (except pink) were $20 less. Go Figure.

  13. Mike the Eyeguy

    Jason, like the song says, “That’s Amore!”

    Cg, your dad was a genuine sweetheart.

  14. Jason Bybee

    Can somebody explain to me why Dean Martin is singing about sociological paradigms?

  15. Mike the Eyeguy

    Dean Martin, aka Dino Crocetti, knew of what he sang (he spoke only Italian until age 5).

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