Number Three Son recently returned from a golfing trip with his grandparents. They traveled around Florida and up into southern coastal Georgia hitting a few courses and making a few tourist stops along the way.

And of course, when there’s a trip, souvenirs usually follow. Number Three thoughtfully killed two birds with one stone, combining my love of both kitschy knickknacks and coffee into this particular winner:

But the one that really floated my boat (or submerged it in this case), was this:


As it turns out, Number Three visited the St. Mary’s Submarine Museum in Georgia and found a patch with my Dad’s old boat, the USS Cubera. He called me as I was traveling back home from my half-marathon last Sunday and told me where he was and wanted to know the name and number of Dad’s sub. I figured he must be looking up some history or something. Little did I know that that conversation would lead to something this cool.

I’ve written about my Dad and his submarine experience before, and although my sons and wife never knew my father (he died when I was 18), they all know about his seafaring ways. Number Three said he was relieved when he saw the patch and found that there were no naked women on it. He concluded that the “Cubby Bear” must have been a “good boat.” Well, I don’t know about that…

When the boys were smaller, they used to gather around me when I returned from a trip to see what I had brought them. I must say, it’s nice to have the tables turned. Thanks, Number Three.

So, does all this evoke any memories of a favorite souvenir from your past? If so, then please do tell.

Have a great weekend.

  1. reJoyce

    My dad is a professor and he traveled to many universities during the course of his career. He always brought me a t-shirt from what ever university he went to visit. I had a pretty amazing collection of t-shirts. They’re all gone now, but I remember them very fondly.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    That is extremely cool.

    I also like college shirts (think Bill Cosby). Even now, I always try to pick up a tee or sweatshirt from every campus I visit.

  3. Brady

    I very much enjoyed learning about your dad from last summer’s post. Very good.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Thanks, Brady. He was a great guy and I wish he was still around so I could shoot the breeze with him. I still miss him greatly.

  5. Stoogelover

    My kids brought us back a couple of little trinkets from their trip to the Bahamas a couple of years ago. Otherwise, all the give has been from this end. But when they were small, my favorite part of going away was looking for something special (at least I thought it was special) and then seeing the abject joy in their eyes while waiting for their gift.

    Enjoyed the piece about your dad, too. Years ago when I lived in Florida, one of my basketball official friends was a high ranking officer (I never could keep the Navy ranks straight … why couldn’t they just have the same ranks as the other military guys?) on a nuclear sub and took us on a VIP tour through his sub one Sunday afternoon. I was fascinated by it. HUGE compared to the little sub next to the USS Alabama or the tiny Soviet sub out here next to the Queen Mary.

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    Navy ranks are confusing. I don’t have as much problem keeping the officers straight as I do Navy enlisted. Of course, enlisted rank titles in all branches differ a little from service to service, adding to the confusion.

    My dad’s diesel sub was tiny compared to a “boomer.” I don’t see how he did it.

  7. Carolinagirl

    I once had a life-size pair of wooden shoes that I bought on my visit to Amsterdam. Now, I usually settle for a nice magnet to enlighten my fridge. Of course, there was the necessity of the souvenier picture with Mickey upon my venture to Disney World in January to run the Marathon. Other then completing the Marathon, which I did, the only other thing I wanted was to see Mickey. (Of course, I won’t mention my age, but should be well beyond the need to see Mickey.)

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    I hope you didn’t try running that marathon in those wooden shoes!

  9. JRB

    You’re gonna drop me some Vandy basketball love, aren’t you?

  10. Mike the Eyeguy

    Yes, yes, I know. I’ve been out of town at a soccer tournament, but I heard the news. Vandy is legit and then some. Looks like you’re turning out to be quite the prophet.

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