Johnny Hu, That’s Who

Guess which Huntsville high school student was named to the First Team All-USA High School Academic Team?

Johnny Hu, that’s who.

Johnny, a friend of Number One Son at Grissom High who scored a perfect 2400 on his SAT and a perfect 36 on his ACT, was among 20 students named to the team. Of those, 15 were of Asian or Indian descent. I don’t know precisely how much genetics has to do with that (my guess is quite a bit), but I do know that many of those kids are second generation Americans whose immigrant parents have instilled in them a killer work ethic which makes me and my progeny look like absolute slouches.

If you go to this gallery, Johnny is number four and is pictured standing next to some rockets, symbols of Huntsville’s brain power and who knows what all else.

Number One, who’s had a good view of Johnny’s rear license plate these past four years, tells me that not only is he very bright but that he’s a nice guy and pretty funny to boot. In the senior video, he played a hard-core captain of the math team in a spoof of MTV’s “Two a Days.” Over the past week, the rumor had been circulating around school that Johnny wouldn’t be allowed to graduate next week because he failed to take a required keyboarding class in 9th grade. The source of that rumor was hard to pinpoint, but one wonders if it wasn’t Johnny himself.

Johnny is Harvard bound and no doubt destined for great things. We’re proud of him, as well as all the other seniors in the great Grissom Class of ’07.

Go Johnny go. Go Grissom.