My Three Sons



Fred MacMurray never had it this good.

(H/t to running buddy Joe V. and his big, long lens for the shot of Number One receiving his diploma).

Grissom High mercifully moved 469 grads through the line with machine-like efficiency.

Chaos did start to descend on the affair, though, by the time they got to the “S’s.” As the shout-outs and air horns grew louder and more boisterous, the grads who had received their diplomas returned to their seats and began to blow up the large number of inflatable balls that they had smuggled in beneath their robes.

At first the faculty members tried to confiscate the balls, but after they saw them propagating like rabbits, they finally gave up. After the ceremony, Number One exclaimed, “I got my hands on three of them!” As if that was the most important accomplishment of his high school career.

Eventually, the Great Grissom High Class of 007–the one with 28 National Merit Scholars, more than 30 grads with a GPA of 4.0 or higher and 12 million dollars in scholarship offers–played volleyball with a naked, inflatable doll. Classic line of the night from Principal Tom Drake:

“I see somebody brought a date.”

  1. Terri

    Ah… high school graduation

    very nice looking guys… way better than Fred MacMurry’s boys (and Robbie was hot!)

  2. Double vision

    DAD, You must be proud of #1’s diploma!…….(and his date????)

  3. Stoogelover

    Proud moments in the life of mama and daddy! No pictures of the inflatable doll????

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Terri–Robbie? Hot? What about Uncle Charley?

    DV–Not Number One’s date (thankfully).

    Sl–Mercifully, no.

  5. lAURA

    How did you get this picture? I saw where you all were sitting, did you run down and take this? I enjoyed watching it on TV because I could see everyone better. Kent said “we could of just stayed home and watched it with a better view”. Ha Ha Great pics.

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    I didn’t take it. Joe V. (father of soccer player Chris) did with his long, telephoto lens. He must have arrived there really early to get that seat.

  7. Jeff stidman

    Great looking crew! I know you are very proud. Love the family pictures. Sure beats yesterday’s bride/groom/tractor pic.

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    Jeff! It’s my old college roommate, everyone!

    Thanks so much. And guess what I found in a box the other day when I was looking for the graduation speech I gave?

    A letter from an earnest and eager young premed student from Jonesboro, Arkansas dated from the summer of 1980 in which he was looking for a “serious student” for a roommate. Well, you got me and Bill–hope that didn’t put to much of a kink in your career plans. By all appearances, it didn’t.

    Great to hear from you, Jeff.

  9. Brady

    Congrats to the son and to you too for getting through the graduation without breaking into a rash. Now, on to the summer…

  10. Mike the Eyeguy

    Not only was it rashless, but most of the time, downright enjoyable.

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