Just a reminder: Be kind to those who cross your path today.

There’s no telling what bricks they may be carrying around in their pockets.

  1. Mike the Eyeguy

    It occurs to me that most of us are carrying some kind of brick in our pockets.

    But some are heavier than others.

  2. That Girl

    I needed that today. Thanks.

  3. mmlace

    Wonderful video. Thanks for sharing, Mike.

  4. Donna

    That one reminds us to be ready to listen…..and once again you have started my day with tears.

    **But I owe you for hooking me up with the Pioneer woman**

  5. bibliophilist

    A brick in the pocket is an interesting way to put it. I’ve always said you have a huge hole in your chest and you just get used to it. Same sentiment though.

    What an cool idea to set up a table and let people talk.

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