Freudian Slips

I first heard about it from Eyegal who heard about it from the parent of a Harding student (who, ironically, was named “Regina”) who heard about it from the student himself who apparently witnessed the incident live.

Heh, that’s funny, I thought. And then: I wonder if it’s on youtube?

Yup, it sure is.

Freudian slips + digital cameras + youtube = worldwide embarrassment.

Chapel announcements have rarely been so interesting.

Fortunately, Dr. Burks is a decent guy who doesn’t mind poking fun at himself. I would have probably run screaming from the stage.

  1. bibliophilist

    That’s how they say it in England.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Well, there you go, Dr. Burks is just better at The King’s English than the rest of us.

  3. JRB

    The Young America Foundation would be appalled.

  4. TheChrisBerry

    Thanks for posting this. I heard the story during spring break, but may have missed this chapel.

    I was in Canada for the break, and from what I hear, the pronounce their city Regina the same way. Of course, they also use all the superfluous U’s the British have in the words, like flavour, so I guess that tell us how much we can trust their pronunciation.

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