Rock On Jayhawks!

jayhawks_logo.pngSomewhere James Naismith and Phog Allen are smiling.

And let’s not forget cg–his grill is flashin’ too. Well done, Jayhawks. You could have folded and closed down the shop with 2 minutes left, but you went with the money and started to foul the Tigers. Good move.

I bet no one associated with the Memphis program will ever refer to the foul line as the “charity” stripe again.

Rock on Jayhawks! Enjoy your day–you deserve it.

  1. greg

    I think the key play was really when Kansas was down 9, scored, then stole the inbounds pass and hit a 3. It went from 9 to 4 in a flash, and they were back in it. If they hadn’t gotten that steal, I don’t think they catch up even with Memphis’ missed free throws. And if they maintain a more comfortable lead (7 instead of 4), Memphis is more relaxed and may not miss 4 in a row.

    But of course, one more made free throw and Memphis still wins.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    I agree. I had written them off at that point but that gave them new life. That’s a tough way to lose one. Still, Chalmers was well defended on that shot and came through with one for the ages. Great game.

  3. cg

    Thanks Eyeguy:)

    I had to work last night, so I only saw bits of the game here and there. But I did see the last 2 minutes of regulation, and then listened to the OT on the radio in the car. I wonder if the metro Detroit freeway traffic could hear me whoopin’ and hollerin’ on my way home…

  4. cg

    I almost forgot…

    Just wanted to say WE LOVE OUR (BILL) SELF!!!!

    And we hope he sticks around for awhile.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    I heard he said something to the effect of “I’m not going to stand here and say that’s not going to happen.” So, he’s obviously going to listen to OSU. Do you think KU will try to counter and keep him or will they say “Thanks Coach” and bid him adieu?

  6. cg

    I think they’ll try to keep him, the Roy fiasco is still too fresh in memory. On the other hand, Danny Manning would be a respectable fill-in for Self IMO.

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