Who Is That Masked Athlete?

TWSJ gives us the answer.


UPDATE: I could see this coming a mile away. And it only took less than 24 hrs.

This sort of reminds me of that time back in ’78 when I and the rest of the Franklin County High School cross country team brought several bottles of lime Gatorade to drink at lunch on the afternoon of that big meet at Northside High.

Assistant Principal Hodges spotted the glass bottles and confiscated them and we were forced to apologize for violating the “no glass containers in the lunchroom” policy.

By the way, it was 95 degrees that day, and on the way home from the meet (we lost), the team bus had to stop at Roanoke Memorial Hospital so that I could get IV fluids for my heat exhaustion.

I’m not kidding.

To the Chinese, Assistant Principal Hodges and anyone else in the world who might be offended anytime I take in some electrolyte-balancing fluids or use my inhaler prior to a run:

Give. Me. A. Break.