Monday Morning Musins’

The weekend has come and gone, and things are, well, different, than they were just a few days ago. For one thing, we are back on daylight savings time and although I awoke at my usual “rise and shine” 5:30AM the clock says it is actually 6:30AM, and therefore I don’t have my usual amount of time to write and post. So, in the interest of time and our short 21st century attention spans, I’ll go about this in bulleted fashion. If you sat through an Hour of PowerPoint at church yesterday, please accept my apologies beforehand.

  1. Ed

    Hey, my powerpoint charts were only 45 minutes long.

  2. DJG

    I am tired too! The clock at the gym said 4:30!! I think I may need a nap!

  3. mike the eyeguy


    I was referring to the “worship hour,” but now that you mentioned it… 🙂

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