Abileners–Be On the Lookout For This Man

I’m taking time out from our regular Olympic programming for a special bulletin to my Abilene readers. Please be on the lookout for this man:


He was last spotted headed west “on the road to Abilene” with his wife Janet and a van full of kids. But don’t worry, he’s not dangerous; he’s just a little wordy sometimes.

You see, Doug is headed there to fulfill a lifetime dream of teaching in the journalism department at his alma mater, Abilene Christian University. For years, he’s been working at The Huntsville Times and writing a regular column “Soul Food,” which he also turned into a book, How Jesus Ended Up in the Food Court: Seventy-seven Devotional Thoughts You Never Thought About Before.

We’ve known Doug and Janet since our Nashville days. Doug and I have taught Bible class together and we’ve spent many an hour near a soccer pitch watching our kids play over the years. Doug also encouraged me to throw my hat in the ring for community columnist, and for that I’m grateful.

We’ll miss them greatly, but thankfully his column will still be appearing weekly and the future journalists at ACU are going to be getting one heck of an education from a bona fide real-world newspaperman who’s “been there and done that.”

If you spot him, give him one of those warm, West Texas welcomes and tell him The Eyeguy said “howdy.”

We now return you to our regular programming on Ocular Fusion, your best source for Olympic news from a Restorationist, Stone-Campbell perspective.