Cognitive Dissonance, Or, OMG, Sarah Palin Wears Houndstooth!

Cognitive dissonance. For me, it could be simply defined like this:


(A tip o’ my houndstooth fedora to DU for contributing to my *cough* “research” into the true nature of Sarah Palin’s refractive error)

Steady, Mike, steady…

No wonder Palin/McCain has a 24 point lead in Alabama. Then again, it could be just all the conservatives who live here. After all, everybody knows a “true conservative” would never support Obama.

Well, on to The Game. I just want my loyal Arkansas readers to know that I love you. I really do. But here’s the plain, unvarnished truth: If Bama brings their A-game, it could get ugly quick (ask Clemson). If not, then you guys will have a chance.

Yeah, it’ll have its moments, but in the end Saban’s NFL-style defense will trump Petrino’s NFL-style offense.

And to my expat Bama brethren lying low in The Natural State, remember, wait for the signal. I think you know what that is.

Finally, a note to the Houndstooth Twins: Y’all are so 2005.

  1. Mike the Redneck

    I reckon I’ll be cancelin’ yer vote out Mr. e-LEE-tist!

    RTR, Sarah, RTR!!

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Oh, shut up. You’re not even registered. Didn’t meet the height requirement.

  3. Donna

    That is even better than Tina Fey!!

    I may have to get me a hat to go with my red suit!!

  4. JRB

    My mother is going to read this (HI MOM!), and she’ll press through learning about how to left-click the mouse enough to have that picture as her wallpaper, quick as the cotton fields in Madison County can become subdivisions.

    You just made her day. Much as I did when I told her that Palin’s dog was named Rufus (just like her cat) and installed a tanning bed in the Gov’s mansion.

    They are soul-sisters, except that my mother has more executive experience.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    Donna–I’ve really got to get around to watching Tina channel Sarah on SNL. That’s on my “to do” list for the weekend.

    JRB–Your Mom reads my blog?!! Geez Louise, I better clean up my act pronto!

    RTR, Mrs. B! Oh, and it’s right click (don’t listen to your son, he’s a man of letters, not technology) and “set as background.”

  6. JRB

    (Curses! He outs my misdirection. . . )

  7. Mike the Eyeguy

    Looks like we brought the A-game…

    DU, Bryan and any other Bama expats out there–enjoy church tomorrow. Roll Tide!

  8. Sarah P.

    I’m not sure what a Crimson Tide is (LOL!), but I know TOTAL DOMINATION when I see it. GREAT JOB guyz!

    (Todd says “RTR!” I don’t know what that means either, but I think it’s a GOOD THING!!)

  9. mmlace

    Oh, I’m not so disillusioned as to think that it was gonna be pretty (hence much less trash talk on your blog this year, as opposed to last year!)

    But I didn’t expect it to be THAT ugly! Ouch!

    Poor Casey Dick, I think he was the Tide’s MVP today!

    Oh well…give the rest of those boys a year or two…they’ll grow up into some bigger men…then perhaps it’ll be pretty again.

  10. Mike the Eyeguy

    Without Casey Dicks two INT returns it’s still 35-14, so let’s give the Tide offense a little credit, unlike the TV announcer who said the Tide’s 35 first half points had been “gift wrapped.” There were plenty of MVPs in white jerseys running around today.

    After seeing Arky struggle against WI and Lo-Mo (but hey, at least you guys beat them), I knew a big one may be coming, but not 49 pts worth. Yes, the Razorbacks will be back, but it looks like it’s going to be a multi-year project. But we seem like we’re a little ahead of schedule, so maybe you guys will move along quickly too.

    We’ll find out what we’re really made of next week v. UGA.

  11. mmlace

    I’m sorry, Dr. Eyeguy, I didn’t mean to imply that there weren’t good guys in white today. Your Tide is a good team. Like I said, I knew it would be ugly. I just meant that Casey contributed in making it ALOT uglier than it had to be.

    Afterwards, I started watching FL/TN but didn’t really know who to root for, then got bored with it, when FL dominated. I guess I was kinda hoping TN would win, simply because I’m beginning to feel a little bitter towards FL…the SEC title game from two years ago comes to mind…and then the fact that Tim Tebow took home DMac’s Heisman last year…

    Woke up from a nap in time to see most of LSU/Auburn, which was a really good game! Again, didn’t know who to root for, but was kinda leanin more towards LSU (I’m over the bitterness towards them after last year’s OT win!) so I’m glad they pulled it out and held on!

    Look forward to seeing your Tide play GA next week, that’ll be a good game. I always enjoy a good SEC matchup, and I’m sure I’ll be cheering for your Tide in that one. It was good to hear the announcers point out today that there were 5 SEC teams in the top 10, and that no other conference has ever done that before.

    In reality I’m a fan of any SEC team…so long as they’re not playin AR.

    Even your Tide…and i wish them much success!

  12. Mike the Eyeguy

    Thanks mmlace, I wasn’t fussing at ya, just yapping. Casey had a bad day for sure, but that team of yours is greener than a spring twig, so you guys are just going to have to let whatever happens this year happen and not expect too much. Improvement will not necessarily be measured with “Ws.” I suspect Petrino will get a pass this year (and he should).

    Five SEC teams in the top 10 is quite a sight. It’s gonna be a wild one.

  13. mmlace

    I’m sure it will get better…eventually…

    I’m also really excited to see what next year holds for us, with QB Ryan Mallett. He’s a sophomore, red-shirting this year after transferring from MI. But he grew up in my hometown of Texarkana, TX and graduated from my alma mater, Texas High School. My dad is always telling me how good T-High looks…my jr. year of high school we hired a new head coach, and ever since then, they’ve had a couple of rebuidling years, but have been consistently in the semi-finals or the finals for the 4A TX state championship. (I believe they won it 2002.)

    So he comes from leading a really good high school team and has an incredible arm, with pretty good accuracy. Dad said they were doin a special about him on the local news, and he was in the background practicing. The announcer, commenting on his practice, says, “By the way, that football he threw just went 80 yards.”

    I watched him play a little for MI last year. Of course he’s young, so mistakes were expected. He’s not the most mobile QB in the world. But at about 6’6″ and 250 lb, that’s to be expected as well! I’m just excited about what he might bring for us next year.

  14. Mike the Eyeguy

    “He’s not the most mobile QB in the world.”

    Heh. We Bama fans feel your pain. 🙂

  15. Donna

    It was fun to go to church yesterday….some people were a little “blue”….

    Roll Tide!

    Don’t ya love the way Saban says “alrite”

  16. Mike the Eyeguy

    Heh. Number Three wore an “A” tie to church yesterday (and that boy never wears ties!) and had quite a bit of fun with it.

    Yes, I do. In fact, I think most render it as “aight” and Number One has taken to saying (and texting) it with great frequency.

  17. whoopigsooie

    As a loyal Hog fan, (although I did leave at the end of the 3rd qtr to keep from getting trampled), I knew from the warm ups that we were beat. I whispered to Terri that we looked like a junior high team compared to the Philistines on the other side. The silver lining for me personally, Saturday, was sitting 3 rows behind the Bama bench to witness the shellacking. I could have given Saban a “high-five” at any time but I could barely see him behind Cody and Big Andre. Gracious me, those dudes are huge. You are welcome for the nice parting gifts from our senior leader, Mr. Casey Dick. He will also be available for a tackling drills clinic after the grieving period. If we played ya’ll ten times this year, you would win 9 of them and I haven’t given up hope yet that we can become bowl eligible. You guys haven’t been tested yet, but you have the athletes to be a great team. roll tide,(dang, I hate saying that)

  18. Mike the Eyeguy

    That’s very gracious and kind of you, Whoo Pig Sooey right back at you.

    You’ll like this photo. I’m glad that you and Terri survived the seismic celebration that Mt. Cody and Andre put on after that goal line stand!

  19. mmlace

    “Philistines” on the other side, huh? That’s funny! I like that! I was thinking the same thing actually, about the time that they were lined up for the goal line stand. I thought to myself, “It’s just not gonna happen…look at that wall-o-white! Those guys are HUGE compared to our babies.”

  20. Mike the Eyeguy

    If we’re the Philistines, then that would make Terrence Cody Goliath!

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