On Living A Quiet Life, Part II

Warning: The following photo is considered by some to be like a Playboy magazine in that it must be kept behind the counter and away from curious, roving eyes:


No really, I’m not kidding.

I know a lot of Southern Baptist and Church of Christ men really like Sarah Palin and think she would be a great President Vice President, but would they typically let her speak during their services or teach a class with men present?

What’s that you say? Well, okay then, how about pass a communion tray? Hmmm…serve food at a church potluck? That’s what I thought.

And on another front of the Culture War, the same people who “stumbled” over the retro Starbucks mermaid logo are back again, and this time the Duke Blue Devils are in their crosshairs (h/t Greg):


Okay, I think they’ve really crossed some kind of line this time. Do you think it would matter if they actually knew what a Blue Devil was? Nah, probably not.

Remember what I was saying about living a quiet life and minding your own business?

Dear Lord Jesus: Save us from “your people.”

  1. Donna

    I had not even thought of that irony yet. I could write a book about how the “church” messed me up as a successful woman, but what’s the point…everyone knows a similar story.

  2. That Girl

    Well, yeah – Duke is offensive but how stupid can they get?

    Everybody knows the REAL devil is red!!! 🙂

  3. doublevision

    Man you are on a roll with this quiet life stuff. Part two even better than part one. Preach on Brother…..Come to think of it I happen to be one of those that believe in the Sisters preaching, being elders, and serving communion. So I guess it is preach on Sisters as well.

    Keep it up Mike-you just might change the world one person at a time.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Donna, irony is like air to me. It’s everywhere.

    TG–Here’s to more Duke offense!

    dv–It’s a good thing God gave me sons. If I had had daughters, they would probably have committed me by now.

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