The Blackout Is Over

The blackout that had descended on Athens, Georgia for the past week is over.

The electricity is back on, compliments of Nick Saban and the Alabama Power Company.

  1. mmlace

    Told you I’d be cheering for your team this week against Georgia! It was a good game, I’m excited for y’all!!! Roll Tide.

  2. Mike the Redneck

    Pre-she-ate thahutt!

  3. Stoogelover

    What a game! I fear, though, had there been another 3 minutes or so on the game clock, Bama might have lost that game. I’m still awaiting the game where Bama shows up for the second half. Give them credit, though, they did what they needed to do in the fourth quarter to seal the game. Perhaps because of the clock….

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    3 minutes? I don’t think it was that close, although I would have certainly preferred a little more second-half “focus” as Saban calls it. Let’s give Georgia, the former #3 ranked team in the country, a little credit–they were bound to get their licks in. Two of their TDs shouldn’t have happened save for poor special teams play. The punt return, for one, since there was a block in the back that occurred at the same time as the interference, and had the ref not been pulling the flag on the latter, he might have called the former.

    And the dropped ball on the onsides kick was just pathetic and will give Saban reason enough to preach at them this week. So in some respects it was the perfect game–a convincing, signature win, probably not as close as the score shows, but filled with enough mistakes that Saban can yell at them all week about what they did wrong and therefore keep them from getting cocky.

    I worry about Kentucky. I worry even more about Ole Miss (they always play us tough). It’s a long, long road to Baton Rouge. Anybody can beat anybody on any given Saturday.

    But Roll Tide anyway!

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    As a side note, for several years now, Auburn flags and gear have dominated the Huntsville landscape.

    I noticed when I was out and about yesterday that the leaves aren’t the only thing starting to turn colors around here. This fall is suddenly looking very crimson and houndstooth.

  6. Donna

    Was that fun or what???

    I am with the analyst…it was not as close as the score made it sound….wow! Roll Tide Roll!!!

  7. Jeff Slater

    That was a lot of fun!

    It was a good weekend: Bama dominated, Michigan got a much-needed win, and Tennessee lost!

  8. JRB

    And Vandy is ranked 19th in the nation and sits atop the SEC East, as Ole Miss, whom we defeated in Oxford last week, beat Florida again. Meanwhile, back at Dudley Field, Vandy prepares for ESPN GAMEDAY for our show down with vulnerable Auburn.

    Yes, we can, my friends. Yes, we can.

  9. Mike the Eyeguy

    JRB, send some of that Kommodore Karma Kongress’ way–kwick!

    Game Day in Nashville. Go ‘Dores.

  10. JRB

    Careful with those K’s. . . especially for MTRN.

  11. Mike the Redneck

    Lib-ruhl. Always ringin’ yer hands and frettin’ ’bout such and such.

  12. whoopigsooie

    Hogs were dogs, Dawgs were dogged, Vandy will be Dandy and they are looking for bowl eligibility. Your championship hopes goes thru the Dore’s. Don’t get caught napping….BJ has a plan and FINALLY the athlete(s) to actually pull it off…

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