Q: How long does it take a too-cute-for-his-own-good, 7-year-old soccer scoring machine…


…to transform into a fearsome, I’ll-never-dribble-to-his-side-of-the-pitch-again, warrior-god defender?


A: About 10 years.

And here’s the other thing: If you blink, you’ll miss it.

Number Two is thrilled to have this well placed elbow in the back shoulder charge as the signature image of his senior and last year of competitive soccer. The special, tie-dyed  “third jersey” that they made just for that Memphis tournament is the crowning touch.

BTW, Number Two is considering Lipscomb, Harding…and Auburn.

Yeah, I know.

  1. Hal

    It looks like his cross training with the rowing team has really bulked him up. He’s lookin’ good!

  2. That Girl

    I LOVE Number 2!

  3. Donna

    #2….I will be praying that you will not turn to the dark side….

    Love the tie-dye!!

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Hal–Yes it has, and now Number One is rowing at Bama, and the race is on to see who can bulk up the most.

    TG–I love him too, but Auburn?!? That would mean I would have to buy one of those stupid “House Divided” license plates to put on the front of my car.

    Donna–I told him that he could do what he wants, but don’t expect me to convert. The best that I could do is to not root against Auburn if they were playing a non-conference opponent and as long as their winning didn’t hurt Bama. I think that would be pretty rare.

  5. Hal

    Allyson’s cousin went to Miss State years ago and when his son got a scholarship to play football at Ole Miss he thought his life was over. He tolerated the 4 years his son went there and was thankful that he never had to go back to Oxford. His daughter pleased him greatly when she went to Miss State. He didn’t stoop so low as to put a house divided license plate on his truck though. Hopefully you won’t have to make that decision, although I foresee some very funny posts should it come to pass.

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    That’s a good story. Good grief, what did he do during the Egg Bowl each year?

    Yes, some funny posts–maybe even a book?

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