No Regrets


Number Two Son and friend Nick have anchored the defensive line of their club soccer team since they were both 11-years-old.

Together, they were a keeper’s dream–“clean that junk up before it gets to me!” For them, a goal scored on their watch was a personal affront. How dare anyone tread on their turf!

Over the years, they called out to each other–“Man on! Man on!” or “You’ve got a drop”–whenever the other was in trouble. They were rarely more than a few yards apart, always watching the other’s back. They were a team within a team.

On Saturday, in the cold and driving rain, they played their last match on a muddy pitch that resembled a barnyard after a monsoon. They lost 2-1 in the semifinals of the U18 Alabama State Championships.

Afterwards, they were spotted walking off the pitch together one last time, brothers in arms. For once, the family photographer was ready.

A team within a team, indeed. And they’ll never forget the moment when they gave the last full measure for club, for their teammates, for each other–for the memories.

No regrets.

  1. Jeff Slater

    That’s cool. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Stoogelover

    Great post. By the way, if Son 1 looks anything at all like Dad, wouldn’t he look a lot like Larry Fine of the Stooges? I believe I started reading your post because you had a picture of Larry posted as a strong resemblance to you. For the sake of your wife, I would hope you are much better looking than Larry Fine!!! But if not, no offense intended. 🙂

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    Number Two son looks kinda like me at 17 only taller and better looking.

    I only got the Larry Fine comment that one time, and since then I’ve lost weight, keep my hair shorter, added a beard plus a very stylish pair of Palin-esque glasses.

    I may look like Larry Fine underneath it all, but I’m incognito now. I don’t hear Eyegal complaining.

    Right Eyegal? Eyegal? Hmmm…

  4. rebecca boone

    I’m glad I didn’t have to do his laundry!  

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