Dickie V.–You’re Out of Your Depth, Dude

vitalecinderella31-1.jpgTo date, I haven’t jumped on board the “Dump Dickie V.” bandwagon. Yes, unlike fine wine, he has grown worse with age. His clownish antics have grown stale, absolutely.

But I’ve always regarded him like that buffoonish, annoyingly loud, but relatively harmless, uncle at the holiday family gathering who just won’t shut up already with the lame jokes and tall tales but still slips the little kids a piece of candy from his pocket because underneath it all he’s a decent guy with a good heart.

Until now.

Here’s Dickie V. talking about football, of all things, during last night’s Kentucky v. UNC game:

They can’t hear us in Alabama, can they? They have no shot against the Gators when they play for the SEC title. They have no shot. Nick Saban has done a phenomenal job with that Alabama program, really brought it back, but I’m telling you, that Florida Gators team is like a juggernaut.

“No shot?” Like an “Ol’ Miss” no shot? I’ll pass that along to Nick and see what he says about that. Maybe we’ll be able to print his response. Maybe we won’t.

A “juggernaut?” Like the Miami Hurricanes in 1992, maybe? Keep it up, ESPN talking heads.

Dickie V., you’re out of your depth, dude. Stick to what you know.

Well, sorta know.

  1. That Girl

    Well… I have to admit I smiled just a little when I heard him say that.

    Go Tar Heels – it’s so sad that I can’t have Auburn as my favorite basketball team, too!

  2. Jeff Slater

    I actually like Dick Vitale. Growing up in the Detroit area, I remember him as the coach of the University of Detroit and the Detroit Pistons. And he is much more knowledgeable about hoops than he is given credit for. I like listening to him call a game.

    But I agree with you — he is totally out of his league here.

  3. JRB

    Doesn’t this cat genuflect to Coach K at every opportunity? He drinks more sugary, fruit-flavored kids’ beverages in Cameron Indoor than should be legal outside of Guyana. I figured he would rate a little more tolerance from you.

    By the way, “the strip” in the 92 UA/Miami game is seared into my memory as perhaps the most manly thing I’ve ever seen in college sports.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Oh, I think it went went well beyond genuflection at times…

    But lately, Duke’s lack of a dominating inside presence has led him to worship at the Altar of Psycho T and company which, of course, makes him worthy of double ire.

    Yes, George Teague stripped both the ball and the manhood from Lamar Thomas on that iconic play. Miami was swallowed alive in a testosterone-fueled mix of smashmouth run and smoldering defense.

    Sound familiar?

  5. JRB

    Unfortunately, yes, it sounds familiar.

    (Go ‘Dores!)

  6. greg

    “The Strip” may be the single greatest play I’ve ever seen in college football.

    By the way, I guess you saw that it looks like Tyler Zeller’s out for the remainder of the season.

  7. Mike the Eyeguy

    Wow, no I hadn’t (didn’t see the end of the game).

    At least he broke his wrist honestly and not by jumping off a frat house balcony into a kiddy pool.

  8. doublevision

    I know he may be off the bandwagon a little but around these parts he is still known as DUKIE V because of his unwavering luv of your favorite roundball program.

    I hate to see Duke fans in dresses and trash talking Alabama!

    Hope you don’t put a dress on anytime soon. At least you won’t trash talk Alabama.

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