Pisces Panegyric Plucks Huntsville’s Heartstrings

Out of all the columns that I’ve written this year for The Huntsville Times, the tribute to Marvin has apparently struck the biggest chord.

One of my patients said his wife cried when she read it. Another reader wrote to me and said “you really outdid yourself this time” and that it was “the best thing you’ve written all year.”

Yesterday I received this email from a reader:

We really enjoyed reading your column and are astounded at the longevity of your fish!

Should you be interested in choosing a free goldfish to replace poor old Marvin, please contact Trevor Cole, owner of Across the Pond (www.acrossthepond.biz), located at 7004 North Memorial Parkway, next to Bennett Nurseries.

–Jeannie Cole

Aw, isn’t that sweet?

I wrote them back and thanked them for their kindness and thoughtfulness. But we’ll probably take a pass on replacing Marvin for now. It’s been such a short time after all, and the grief is still as raw as, well…sushi.

All this love for Marvin has created a problem, though. I have a deadline this week and I’m feeling so much pressure to top the Marvin column that I have a bad case of writer’s block.

Thanks a lot, old buddy.

  1. mmlace

    Well, you know, Christmas time is now upon us. Go with that!

    Whatever you write, I’m sure it will be good.

    It always is.

    Much love.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Yeah, Christmas sounds good.

  3. JRB

    Might I suggest a contrast between the experience of sport by No. 2 and his friend this year on the soccer pitch with a certain football game being played this week in the ATL?

    That’s got juice.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Game? Atlanta? Really?

    That does have some juice. But I’ll probably do a Christmas one. And I think it might finally, at long last, get me into some trouble.

    Heh. Like I have something to lose…

  5. Laurie

    Why am I getting the feeling that your column may be something like my eldest son’s Senior Class President graduation speech? (Which, I might remind you, nearly cost him his diploma. He was saved only by the fact that he’d gotten prior approval from a faculty member.)

    I think you should go for it!! 🙂

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    After openly supporting Barack Obama in a deep Red State, how much more damage could I possibly do? 🙂

    We shall see…

  7. JRB

    Yeah, nobody will see a Christmas column coming. . . .

  8. Mike the Eyeguy

    Well, there are certain people who have been known to have a “blind spot” when it comes to Christmas. Know whatta mean, Vern?

  9. JRB


  10. Brady

    Maybe you could just kill off another of your pets and write about that. Heck, someone might even offer you a replacement.

  11. Mike the Eyeguy

    No worries, the column is now done as of last night. Amazing Gracie the Wonderdog can rest at ease.

    And yes, I will have something to say about CTT’s firing, Bama v. Florida and the role that Karma may play in it all in my weekly pregame post on Friday. So hang on, boys and girls.

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