Ocular Fusion 2.0–I’ll Be Watching You

the-all-seeing-eye_1_-217x240.jpgWhoa, what just happened you ask? Through the magic of a small piece of HTML-code strategically placed in my old site, you’ve been caught up and whisked away to Ocular Fusion 2.0 (www.ocularfusion.net). Talk about your raptures. Or would that be an alien abduction?

Anyway, now that you’re here stick around and, as we say in the South, “sit a spell.” I’ve still got some tweaking to do, but the bulk of the renovation is complete. Unlike my desk at work, the new site is clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate. No more depressing black either. I’ve decided (with fashion imput from my color consultant Scott) that brighter and cheerier colors are in order, the better to reflect my, uh, sanguine personality.

Probably the most distinctive and prominent feature of v. 2.0 is my right retina visible as the header picture. That took some work, and many thanks to fellow Harding alum Justin Baeder at WebbleYou for helping an HTML-challenged, middle-aged blogger make it a reality. Since, as they say, the eye is “the window of the soul,” you can now look in and see if I actually have one.

And here’s the best part. Are you ready for this? The retina really works!

You read me correctly. Through cutting-edge technology and a special corporate sponsorship deal recently reached with the boys at Googlezon (basically, I sold my soul), the header image has been wired such that I will actually be able to see each of you and what you’re doing anytime you visit the site. Isn’t that cool?

This is important, since some of you who have already “peeked under the covers” (that would be you, Bill) have noted that Blogger photos don’t show up in the comments. Well, no problemo. Why settle for a picture that may have been Photoshopped when I can have a real-time image via my “all-seeing eye?” As for the rest of you, get your own retina. The boys at Googlezon are standing by to hear from you.

So remember that I’ll be watching you as you read Ocular Fusion and make the necessary adjustments in your appearance. Please, for the love of humanity, no boxers or curlers. Lest you think this a bit too Orwellian for you, please remember that this is all about building community and becoming one with the media landscape. And, after all, resistance is futile.

Even though I’ll be watching every move you make, every step you take and every vase you break, I plan for everything else to remain pretty much the same. That means the familiar random firing of neurons that you’ve all grown to love and appreciate, resulting in posts on “everything under the sun” and them some.

I’m still “just looking around and trying to put it all together.” It’s just that now I have to figure out what that is hanging off your upper lip as well.

  1. Hal

    I love your new look! If I had known that you were watching me I would have put a towel on or something. Next time I’ll know.

  2. DAVID u

    Mike, I like the new site………….looking forward to reading more good stuff! It’s not about the fluff, it’s about the content.
    I’m old school, huh? 🙂 I was in Florence last weekend…….everything is SO green over there. Really beautiful!


  3. Ed

    Hey – like the new look and “feel”.

    With regards to the depressing black – The void of space is black/dark, but is necessary to see the light. On the other hand, those 40’s something adults need that extreme contrast to be able to read properly 😮

  4. scott

    I like the theme. I must have tried about 200 of them before I settled on the one I’m using.
    Which I might change at any time. I love WordPress.

  5. Bill Gnade

    I disagree with Scott when he says, “It’s not about the fluff, it’s about the content.” Honestly, I am very content with the fluff.

    The Eye is looking for you, you know. “They” are very upset you left. In fact, I believe they are very close.

    Knock, knock …

    Gimli (Dressed as Strider)

  6. Mike the Eyeguy


    Thank you. I really appreciate that!


    I’ll try not to serve up mere “eye candy,” but some substance as well. Yes, it is very green (much rain last week). Spring has fully sprung!


    I’m not knocking black, it has it’s place (like on German sports sedans). But you’re right, the new site is more “visually correct” for my 40something friends who, like you, still haven’t made an appointment with their friendly, neighborhood optometrist.


    I may play around with the themes some more, but I liked the red to go with the pic of my retina. So far, I’m loving WordPress too.


    I think that was DU, not Scott, who preferred “content” over “fluff.” I think there’s a time and a season for both, though. A few more bells and whistles never hurt anyone.

    I feel like Frodo trying to avoid the Eye of Sauron.

  7. Nancy

    Hello everyone — it’s hard to find you, Mike. Jumping around. Snooping into our offices…

    Cool site!

  8. tIGHE

    Mike the Eyeguy-

    I recently read you post about the Huntsville High Senior prank. It was a horrible degrading prank. I am currently a freshman at Huntsville High and I was horrified to discover what our Senior class had done. Seeing the news coverage and pictures of Huntsville High associated with the incident made me feel ashamed of my school.

    Many other students feel this way.

    I agree many of the points in your blog, but others I feel are not true. For example, “They are being defended by many of their peers at school who think the incident has been overblown, and was “funny” ”. While some of the pranksters friends are defending them, the majority of the student body does not.


    Gutless Wunderkinder

  9. Mike the Eyeguy

    Hey tiGHE, thanks for stopping by and weighing in.

    Obviously, you’re no “gutless wunderkinder” to speak up like that. That remark was aimed at someone who would pay someone to do something foolish (like strip) that they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves. It was written “for effect,” not to paint everybody at HHS with a broad brush. Sorry if there was any miscommunication there.

    I have many friends who go there and they feel as you do. I wish the media had spent more time interviewing students like you instead of the ones who defended the prank.

    If you’re any indication of the caliber of kid in the Class of 2009, then I think HHS is going to be in very good shape by the time you all are seniors.

    Stop by again, soon–I like your style. Keep up the good work and have a great summer!

  10. Mike the Eyeguy


    Hey, there! It wasn’t so hard to find, was it? And thanks, I’m glad you like the new look.

    If you look at the comments in the previous post you’ll see that poor Bill is very sad that your lovely mug shot will not show up in WordPress. For that matter, we all are. Oh well, nothing is perfect. We’ll all just have to visit your blog more often and, of course, buy the book!

    Say, when’s that cover going to be ready? That cheesy Amazon smiley face is annoying and needs to be covered up pronto.

  11. Nancy

    Hey EyeGuy! I must not have seen the comments by poor Bill — I really do NOT like my headshot photo. Glad Bill does. 🙂

    I am so nervous about my cover. A redneck paper doll? That just shouts “Best-seller!”

    It should’ve already been done. We’ll see. I can’t believe I’m already on Amazon! Yippee! I have the manuscript right here. Have to finish it tonight!!!!!


  12. Mike the Eyeguy


    Stop procrastinating and get to work! 🙂

    And good luck, I look forward to reading it.

  13. Nancy


    Why am I blog surfing?


  14. Mike the Eyeguy


    I sure hope you’ve finished going over those proof pages by now and mailed that puppy.

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