Pre Lives, But Not in This Body

What a relief! In the comments from yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I went on a cleaning frenzy recently and threw away my Nike Air Max ’96s that I wore in the Rocket City Marathon back in 1997. After reminiscing about all my “old school” shoes, I began to have second thoughts and wondered if I was going to have to make a trip to the landfill to dig them out.IMG_0071.JPG

Good news–I found them! After 21 plus years of marriage, Eyegal knows that I often make rash decisions like that and figured that I would regret it and had put them in the garage instead of the trash can. Man, I love that woman!

So here they are, along with my “Pre Lives” t-shirt that was part of my Valentine’s Day present. Eyegal knows what I need even before I ask for it. Now if she could just get me back a few minutes on my mile time.

Yes, “Pre Lives,” but at just under 10 minutes per mile, he sure doesn’t live in this body.

  1. Jeff Slater

    Wow — that’s great! What a good wife you have! I like the “Pre Lives” shirt.

    I wish I still had the pair of Nike Zoom Air LWPs that I had when I ran a 1.51 half-marathon back in 1995. Usually, my running shoes become general “walking-around” shoes when they’re no longer good for running. And eventually they become my mowing shoes before going to the trash can.

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Yes, mowing shoes are usually the end-stage for mine as well. In this case, I had made a big deal about how I was simplifying my life, lightening my load and getting rid of stuff I don’t wear or need anymore. This was all accompanied by much drama and gesticulation. I was afraid she had taken me seriously.

    She apparently took the shoes (probably rolling her eyes when she turned and walked toward the garage) and deposited them in the lawn mower shoe basket, knowing full well that I would have second thoughts and retrieve them eventually.

    I’m going to start searching around for a classic shoe convention. Maybe DU, you and I can get together and go.

    My marathon was 4:08. I was making 3:50 pace through 20 miles and then smacked against The Wall like a bug against a windshield. The last 6 miles were like the Baatan Death March.

  3. DAVID u

    I’ve seen that shirt live and in person! 🙂 Let me know when you find the convention…….I’m in.

    It would have been the Baatan Death March for me when the starters gun went off…….no foolin.


  4. Laymond

    Hey Guy this blog is beginning to smell.( shoes) ha LOL

  5. Mike the Eyeguy


    Those Star Trekkies don’t have anything on us.


    If you think the shoes reek, you should smell that shirt after a 3-mile run in this Alabama humidity.

  6. Nancy

    Wait a minute — I do not get the “Pre Lives” thing — I am assuming it’s not a shout to the theory of reincarnation?

  7. Brady

    I’m heading to another blog. You guys run way too fast for me…

  8. Mike the Eyeguy


    Don’t worry, no reincarnation fling here. “Pre Lives” is a tongue-in-cheek parody of the “Che Lives” apparel that is all the rage among today’s hip leftists. Steve Prefontaine was a revolutionary in that he fought against the AAU for the rights of amateur athletes, but he was no commie.


    The 4:08 was an anomaly, never to be repeated again most likely. I’m getting slower by the minute. When I make it over to Switzerland someday, we’ll waddle down the street together.

  9. Nancy

    Thanks for the scoop, Eyeguy!

  10. Mike the Eyeguy

    No problem, Nancy. I consider it a privilege to be able to educate the public at large on the “Joy of Shoes” and other related topics.

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  12. lokimikoj


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  13. runfree

    I love the Pre Lives shirt but I can’t find them anywhere. Where’d you get it from?

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