Touchdown Jesus Would Approve

pic_1_2003522144316big.jpgI’m not sure if this is in the Official Roman Catholic Catechism, but the following search string did lead to my blog:

“Notre Dame football is the 8th sacrament of the Catholic Church.”

Catechism or not, I’m pretty sure “Touchdown Jesus” would approve.

  1. Mark elrod

    Not to change the subject to radically, but on my one and only trip to Huntsville, I remember seeing something called “Eggbeater Jesus” on the side of a church downtown.

    Am I making this up? Is it still there? Was it an apparition?

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    You weren’t caught up in some 3rd heaven vision, my friend.

    “Eggbeater Jesus” is real (click here). Considering the way Tiffin kicked last weekend, I think he may be signaling, “No good!”

  3. Mark Elrod

    That’s a load off my mind.

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