Thadd Gummit!

THE Ohio State University coach Thadd Matta didn’t take very good care of the gum during Sunday’s game with Wisconsin.

However, as you can see, he recovers very nicely, Thadd gummit!

Now don’t go wagging your finger at Thadd Matta. You’ve probably done the same thing (or worse). The only difference is that you didn’t have a couple of million people watching.

  1. Mike the Eyeguy

    Dropping your gum on a dirty basketball floor and putting it back in your mouth is merely a minor sin.

    Rewetting your contact lens in your germ-filled mouth and putting it back in your eye is a mortal one.

  2. KS

    I have actually done that as a basketball coach. And yes I put it back in my mouth, where else would you put it???

  3. lAURA

    Thanks, that made my day. That is so funny. I needed that.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Okay, maybe I’m a little biased, but I just can’t see Coach K sticking the gum back in his mouth.

    Under the scorers table, maybe, but not the mouth.

  5. KS

    I could see Coach K: Spitting gum out, dropping the “f” bomb 5 times, and then flinging fum into the stands…but I am also a little biased đŸ™‚

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    Yeah, I know what you mean.

    Just the other day I saw Coach K cross himself before the tipoff and then turn right around and fling some fum at an opposing fan. Talk about your hypocrites.

  7. Stoogelover

    My father in law, country as they came in northwest Alabama, would often stick his gum behind his ear and keep it there until he was ready to chew on it some more! Thankfully, his daughter didn’t pick up on that habit, but I do fuss at her often about re-wetting the contact lense in her mouth … to no avail.

  8. Donna

    I have been guilty of both…..but I must say I would throw my gum away if I had a place to put it…but what else are you going to do with your contact?

    (don’t worry my eyes survived, I now have undergone the “laser”)

  9. Mike the Eyeguy

    I’m sitting here chewing a piece of gum as I write this. In just a few seconds, I plan to see a patient, but I need somewhere to store my chaw since I want to appear professional, not flippant.

    Aha! This contact lens case will do nicely.

  10. GREG

    what happened to my comment?

  11. Mike the Eyeguy

    Uh, I don’t know, Greg. There’s nothing in moderation–the last one is the only one showing.

    Black hole maybe?

  12. sandi

    Oh My Gosh! Probably half the people that said it was disgusting are the same people that allow their pets to eat out of the same plate/bowl they’re eating out of. Now that’s disgusting!! The gum wasn’t down there long enough to pick up anything! You know as children you ate far worse than that…

  13. Mike the Eyeguy

    Heh. Sandi, now that’s some perspective.

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