My Guru Rocks!

My guru, Professor Ed, is holding forth again over at Albedo 0.39 with Part 2 of “Practicing Safe Surfing.” In Part 1, Ed focused on routers and hardware. This time around he’s dishing up some practical information on how your choice of web browsers affects your chances of contracting one of those nasty malware and spyware infections that are going around these days.

Like Ed, I’m using Firefox as my browser of choice since Microsoft IE has more holes than a third-world airport security gate. Now if I can just convince other family members who shall remain nameless (although he is often referred to in this blog as NUMBER TWO SON) to make the switch as well, maybe I could totally avoid the kind of nasty infection that I had a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, check out Professor Ed’s fine article. Believe me, if you’re unlucky and sitting on your can like I’ve been this winter with a bad case of bronchitis, you’ll be glad that at least your computer is up and running smoothly.

  1. Hal

    I have downloaded Firefox, and am using it now. Thanks for sharing your guru with us!

  2. mike


    You’re welcome. You hear that Ed? Another computer saved…

  3. Ed

    The world is getting better already 😉

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