The Great Blizzard of ’06

As you can see from the picture of my street taken just a few minutes ago, things are pretty rough in Huntsville this morning. The Great Blizzard of ’06 which we all feared is upon us. Things are shut down pretty tight–good thing I was able to beat off that little 80-year-old lady for that last loaf of bread at Target yesterday. As for the 5-year-old boy whom I tackled for that gallon of milk, well, life is tough and hardly fair and he might as well learn it sooner rather than later.

Since I am considered “necessary personnel,” I will attempt the treacherous drive to work through this blinding blizzard–just hope I don’t suffer from “white-out.” Oh, well, if I do, I’ll put on my snowshoes and try to trek the rest of the way–just hope I don’t run into any wolves like ol’ Buck did in Jack London’s “Call of the Wild.”

What’s that you say? What snow? Oh, yes, there is that minor detail, but it’s coming, you see, and here in Huntsville that’s all that matters. The mere threat of snow, the fact that local doppler radar has picked up the scatter of a few flurries falling in Tupelo, Mississippi is news. Real News. Not that kind of news from the Middle East which is mere distraction, but the kind upon which life hangs in the balance, the kind that keeps our eyes glued to the sky for signs of that first flake which will portend the deluge to come.

Oh, ye Yankees, go ahead and grab your jollies at our expense, but when it comes, we will be prepared. And what will you be doing? Starving for want of milk and bread is what you’ll be doing. But, if you stop laughing long enough, we might show you some of our magnanimous Southern Bible Belt manners and share some of our stash with you.

  1. Ed

    Amazingly, we got about the same amount on the other side of town. I was glad that I had the front wheel drive car this morning. They laughed when I bought snow chains, a shovel, and an emergency space blanket for my car. Who’s laughing now?

  2. mike the eyeguy

    You go, Ed! I’m glad you made it to work ok. There were a couple of dicey moments as I came down Carl T. Jones and approached Whitesburg but the Quattro saved the day! Sorta felt sorry for all those other chumps stuck in the ditch, but maybe they’ll play it a little smarter next time.

  3. DJG

    Yep, down here in Cullman we were braced for school closings. I had the sled out ready for some real fun……We didn’t even get the dust. Just wet, cold rain….I think there is a conspiracy between the bread and milk companies with the weather people…think about it!

  4. mike the eyeguy


    I had heard that parts “south of the river” were going to get “hit hard”–guess not, eh?

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the weather “poor-castors” aren’t getting a little kickback of some sort from the bread and milk cartel.

  5. DJG

    We got lots and lots of rain…3:20 pm still raining….

  6. Derek Jenkins

    To hell with them Northern Aggressors, they can get their own milk.

  7. mike the eyeguy


    What are you trying to do, start that little mess up again on my blog? My GGgrandfather fought with J.E.B. Stuart’s 2nd Virginia Cav at Gettysburg but you don’t hear me talkin’ trash or see me withholding milk from a former enemy!

    Of course, nobody ever said the milk had to be within the expiration date… 🙂

  8. greg

    I assume everything shut down and life came to a halt at the threat of snow? At least that’s what usually happened while I was there…

  9. mike the eyeguy


    Amazingly, there were no school or business closings announced the night before the “blizzard” hit. Maybe Huntsvillians are finally starting to catch on–it will never snow here again (pardon my desperate attempt to goad the snow gods into action).

  10. Ed

    Just noticed the weather forecasters are indicating that I need to get milk and break for Wednesday night’s ‘Son of Blizzard’

  11. mike the eyeguy

    They’re messing with our heads again, Ed–I’m not falling for it.

    Besides, I still have milk and bread left over from yesterday’s blizzard!

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