Harry Potter 1, David Beckham 0

Potter v. Beckham:



Are you ready to rumblllllle?!

Actually, with Potter already rolling across the internet and Becks hobbled by a bum left ankle and unlikely to see action v. Chelsea, this one was over before the opening whistle. Maybe Becks should consider taking up Quidditch. Less stress on the joints and all.

Final Score: Harry Potter 1, David Beckham 0

  1. Mike the Eyeguy

    Go StatCounter, Go!

  2. Donna

    Oh….I WILL read Harry Potter….I WILL NOT stand in line or download it early…..I don’t care that much….

    Soccer story….probably not.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    Okay, if Becks doesn’t lace your boots, how about Posh Spice v. Bianca Kajlich (click here)?

  4. Laurie

    Thanks for stopping by the site this morning. I actually hadn’t realized that Beckham had done a halftime interview till I read your comment. My son had friends over last night and we have only one TV. Because of you I have been able to write the requisite “Beckham halftime interview” post.

    All three kids have copies of Harry Potter reserved. (We’re going to camp next week and they don’t want to share or wait.) All will be going to the bookstore at midnight. Youngest will be part of a Harry Potter party and spending the night with a bunch of other Potter fanatics.

    We’re expecting every child at camp to show up with a copy and will be instituting a “Don’t reveal the ending or else” policy. But it should make our one hour of quiet time every afternoon a bit easier to enforce.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    Excellent! LA Galaxy and French National Team blogger extraordinaire Laurie has stopped by! I should point out to all that her Galaxy site (you can go there by clicking on her name above) was the source of that lovely article on Posh v. Bianca and is THE source for All Things Beckham on the web.

    We used to do the midnight Potter buy in our house, but I don’t think there any plans for that tonight. But then again, there may be. I’m always the last to know about these things. In any case, whoever might be going will be going without me–I will be in Dreamland.

  6. Carlos Kelly

    David Beckham is my idol and i wish that i was as good as him in the game of football.:;;

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