Alabama 6, Harvard 2

Most people would pick the Alabama Crimson Tide over the Harvard Crimson in a football game without giving it a second thought. But how many would ever think that the Tide would top Harvard in a battle of brains?

Well, surprise, the USA TODAY’S 2006 All-USA College Academic Team was announced this week and the final score was Alabama 6, Harvard 2. Alabama has placed more students on the team than any other school in the nation three out of the past four years and over that period of time has produced a total of 20 honorees, a figure which also leads all schools. This year Alabama even had a first teamer, Cody Locke a senior biology major from Boaz, who also has the distinction of having made the team three years in a row. In 2006, Yale, Northwestern and Duke each placed three students on the team with Harvard trailing the pack with only two.

One of the reasons Alabama is picking up such a head of academic steam is they are doing an excellent job of identifying and then recruiting home-grown talent with enticing scholarships and the creation of an Honors College and other unique academic opportunities. Number One Son has taken note, and Alabama is on his short list of schools to apply to later this year.

Heh, we’re looking pretty durn smart down here in Bama! If we keep this up, maybe someday folks will think of more than Forrest Gump and Bear Bryant when they hear the cry, Roll Tide Roll!

  1. DJG

    Roll Tide!

    We ain’t no dumb hicks down heeere

  2. mike the eyeguy

    Durn tootin’ DJG. As the great philosopher and Tide football great Forrest Gump once said: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  3. DJG

    Got to love Forrest!

  4. David U

    Mike, awesome post my brother! Thanks for sending me the link. I will bookmark you where I can come back more often!


  5. mike the eyeguy


    Stop by any time. A Bison/Tide man is always welcome here.

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