Starsky and Hutch, Where Are Ye?

I thought this was supposed to be the Torino Olympic Games? If so, then where the heck are Starsky and Hutch and that hot, heavily-muscled car of theirs? Can you imagine what would happen if you let those two compete in the two-man bobsled event? Well, those prissy Europeans wouldn’t be taking up so much room on the medal stands, I can tell you that much!

If you’re like me and you’re a little confused on whether Torino is a car, a golfer or a Canadian city then help can be found at sportswriter Frank Deford’s NPR commentary and this story from NPR’s Alex Chadwick.

So far I’ve seen Bodie, Michelle (for a moment anyway) and Apolo, but Starsky and Hutch, where are ye when we need thee?

  1. contratimes

    Love that car! I watched that show solely to see them smoke the tires.

    But, while I love the striped Torino, I am writing to correct your spelling, which I, as a skiing nut and New Hampshire citizen, find offensive; and though I blame your flat-lander life for not getting things right, I can hardly countenance that you would misspell New Hampshire’s beloved son. For it is Bode, not Bodie (no doubt he’s Bodie if born in the south). I mean, even you must know that “There is no I in Bode.” But, of course, you being the Eye Guy, you put I’s where there are none.

    All this I admit is offered in good humor. But I have to share with you a voice mail I got from an old buddy now living in San Diego. He called and said:

    “Billy, I am renouncing my Irish/German heritage. I am now Italian. Any country that would have an F1 Ferrari burn out at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics is the coolest thing in the world. It is inspired by God.”


  2. mike the eyeguy

    Bill, Bill, Bill,

    Everyone (ok, at least everybody in these here parts) knows that “Bodie” is simply “Brodie” without the “r.” 😉

  3. DJG

    Thanks for using the original Starsky and Hutch…the only REAL ones…

    That was a cool car but I have to agree that the burn out in the opening of the Olypics was super cool!

  4. mike the eyeguy

    DJG said: “Thanks for using the original Starsky and Hutch…the only REAL ones..”

    You’re welcome–I’m Old School through and through. I missed the opening ceremonies and the Ferrari burnout. Rats. Sounds like it was even better than Dukes of Hazzard.

  5. contratimes

    Mike TEG,

    I have a clip of the F1 Ferrari burnout I could email you, or else you could find a clip on the web. I had a hard time finding a working feed, but after much work, I got lucky.

    I missed it too, but it is a pretty cool show. What I’ve read is that the driver was to emulate the Olympic Rings. And, as you can guess, the revs were highpitched and torquey. I wish I was there (for the whole thing, of course).



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