Night Vision


“There’s a world in front of me I can’t predict or envision because I haven’t been there yet. I haven’t lived this yet. I haven’t lived blind,” he says. “All I ask is to stay in the Army and finish out my years … I want to feel productive.”

The only good news for now is when he sleeps, Castro says.

“I’ve had dreams where I know I’m blind and, guess what? I’ve regained my vision,” he says. Reality floods back each morning.

“There’s not a night that I don’t pray and ask God, when I wake up, that I wake up seeing.”

–newly blinded veteran 1st Lt. Ivan Castro

First Lt. Castro is a member of a whole new generation of veterans that is, unfortunately, learning a new meaning of the phrase “night vision.”

Still, as I’ve pointed out before, even in the middle of the night, dawn occasionally breaks.

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  1. spiritualoasis

    I am grateful for all who have sacrificed life, limb and more on behalf of us all. Thanks, also, for what you do to give aid and comfort to those who have served. -bill

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