Jumping In

I’m usually the only one up this early, but this morning I have company. Amazing Gracie The Wonderdog rose early to join me, and is now curled up beside me in “her” recliner for the first of several morning naps. A few moments ago, Number Two passed through on his way to work. He’s a lifeguard at the local YMCA and today he’s working the early shift.

He’s only been working there since the first of the year but has been putting in a lot of hours in an effort to help pay for a trip to Germany this summer. He looks the part–long and lanky, warm-up suit over the trunks, flip-flops (even though it’s in the 30s) and a whistle around his neck.

Eyegal told me last night that he’s already had two “saves.” He hadn’t mentioned them to me. The first one was “no big deal.” A little boy seemed to be struggling a bit, and Number Two simply knelt down at the edge of the pool, offered his hand, and guided the boy to the edge where he felt more comfortable.

The second was more of the real thing. A harried mother had an eye on one child, but lost track of her 3-year-old daughter who had drifted into 4-5 feet of water and was starting to silently go under. Number Two didn’t hesitate, but jumped in and easily snatched her and set her on the side of the pool before the mother knew what had happened.

It all reminded me of an earlier incident in the mid-90s when Number Two jumped in and pinned his two-year-old brother against the side of the pool when he seemed to be struggling and about to go under. I guess he was getting an early start on his lifeguarding career. Who knew where that would lead?

And who knows where it will go from here? I asked him, “When were you going to tell me?”

Number Two replied, “It was no big deal. I was just doing my job. But I did feel very useful.”

Lord, please make me useful today. Give me the courage to “jump in.” Just like Number Two.

  1. mmlace

    Great story! Great kid! Thanks for sharing!

  2. agable

    Wait. Your dog’s full name is “Amazing Gracie The Wonderdog”? When it is time for her to come in from doing her business, do you roll through that entire progression? That’s quite a mouthful. I’m just messing with you, Eyeguy.

    There is a certain contentment that comes from knowing you’ve been used effectively. Good stuff.

    By the by, congrats on the Hunstville Times gig. Sounds like a cool opportunity.

  3. Stoogelover

    This shows the depth of character in your son! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Heh. “Depth.” Good one, Stoogey.

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