Anytime Is Tornado Time In The South

It’s only February, but it’s already tornado time in The South. I had a feeling it was going to get rough yesterday when I saw all the signs–overcast skies, sticky humidity and temps in the 70s. There were numerous deaths and much damage in Tennessee and Arkansas last night, and early this morning, the bad weather came calling to North Alabama.

I’ve been awake since about 3:00 AM when the sirens went off. There was no damage here in south Huntsville, but areas north and west of the city were apparently hit hard and there may have been some fatalities. We’ll soon know more now that the sun is up.

I also saw where some nasty business was getting ready to pass through Cullman a couple of hours ago. Donna and Terri–let us know how things are going down there.

It seems awfully early to be having this kind of weather, but the fact is that anytime is tornado time in The South. Even 3:00 AM in early February.

  1. That Girl

    There is water standing in my yard and I missed a lot of sleep but my neighborhood looks good.

    33/40 made it sound really bad at the lake. We’ll have to check on Donna.

  2. Donna

    It got real close to us at the lake…David made me go to the basement….but we were spared and the lake is looking like a lake again. The storm that hit around the rest area was within a few miles of us…..pretty close.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    Glad to hear that you both are well. Early word here is 4 deaths, three in Lawrence County and one in Jackson County (Pisgah).

    More info here.

  4. Stoogelover

    Give me the earthquakes, floods, mudslides, and a distant fire any day (or night) over a band of tornadoes!

  5. mmlace

    Glad to hear you guys are all okay down there!

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    A band of tornadoes is not like a band of brothers, that’s for sure.

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