Bad Number

Okay, so I’ve written my March column for The Huntsville Times, and I do a word count and find out that I’m pushing the maximum limit of 680 words.

No problem. I relentlessly self-edit (a skill that all of you–some more than others–should practice each and every day), and I whittle it down. I redo the word count. I stare in horror:


I’m thinking: better add a few words.

  1. mmlace

    Oh, come on! Let’s live dangerously! Leave it like that.

    Hey, did you ever find anything out about the mysteriously missing first paragraphs on the previous posts???

  2. mmlace

    I’m sorry…I meant “the previous columns.” They’re newspaper columns…not blog posts. Duh.

  3. cg

    My parents have had ‘666’ in the last 4 digits of their phone number for the past 40 years. Growing up during those years, I remember some people would comment on that fact every now and then, but church folks just joked and laughed about it. They really had a lot of fun with it while dad was an Elder.

    Dad always says, and most sensible chistians I’ve known seem to agree, that “It’s JUST a number.”

    I agree with mmlace, “Let’s live dangerously! Leave it at that.”

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    Aw come on, don’t you think I would make a good Antichrist? 😉

    I suspect I may have some readers who think I’m well on my way…

    mmlace, I did find the opening paragraph (standing alone) on another page with a link to the page that I permalinked on my blog. But that first page is one that updates constantly, so there was no way to use it to get to the column after a day or two. Bottom line, it’s a poorly-designed 1998ish web site that needs to be updated badly,

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