Which is Better, #1 or #2?

Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?

Predictions anyone?

BTW, I like Memphis HC John Calipari more and more. He helped defuse a pretty tense situation last weekend at UAB when he gave their students the benefit of the doubt after a controversial ending. Very classy. Speaking of which, he dresses to the nines too. Kinda the opposite of Rick Pitino, who looked like Colonel Sanders (or would that be John Travolta?) in that white suit. Calipari is always good for some choice soundbites and gives a great interview. He makes me laugh till I cry–which is a good thing.

Have a great weekend. And Go Duke (please?)!

  1. That Girl

    Pitino got out of that white suit pretty quickly!

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    Yeah, he sure did. It reminded me of the Cameron Crazies ditching the green shirts when the Blue Devils were trailing at half time a few weeks ago. That worked too.

  3. doublevision

    Go Thugs…I mean Tigers. Seems we have some good kids like CDR, Anderson, and Rose and some thugs like Dorsey, Niles, Allen, and Dozier. Hope we win even with our thugs. Was at the UAB game and it was what I like about college basketball. Even if Mphs had lost, I would still have said it was a great game. Go Tigers.

  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    DV, thrilled to have a UM alum chime in. I’m pulling for the Tigers too. I don’t care much for UT, of course, but I want the Tigers to keep on winning at this point. That way, the pressure of staying unbeaten will continue to build and the odds of their losing in The Dance should they come up against my Dookies will increase.

    Sorry, impure motives I know, but should Duke lose, I will pull for Memphis since I like Calipari.

    Anybody but Carolina!

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    Calipari was outcoached tonight. UT was disciplined, and they hit their free throws. Memphis was not, and didn’t. End of story.

    Enjoy it UT. I think it will last about one week.

    Enter Vanderbilt.

  6. doublevision

    Outcoached-yep Outrebounded-yep Outhustled-yep. Tough game to lose.

    On the question of which is better #1 or #2. I have a saying that #1 is always better than #2. In this case #2 may work for the teams psychological advantage down the road.

    Glad to see another state showing off the rock like tobacco road.

  7. Mike the Eyeguy

    It’s always good to see a lot of teams, and in this case, teams from Tennessee, lighting it up. The intensity and atmosphere of that game rivaled or exceeded any I’ve seen from Tobacco Road this year.

    The announcers were talking of the good hoops in TN this year and listed Austin Peay and Vandy along with UM and UT and I thought: You forgot two–Lipscomb and Belmont as well.

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