Senseless Evil

As much as I get worked up over rivalries like Bama v. Auburn and Duke v. UNC, it’s stories like this and this which bring me back down to earth and give me much needed perspective. And with the Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois tragedies still fresh and raw in our minds, the latest news only adds salt to the wounds.

I’m sure the police in Auburn and Chapel Hill are talking extensively about this as the two crimes sound suspiciously similar. Here’s hoping that they are able to find the person or persons responsible for this senseless evil before they strike again.

Pray for the families of these two young women, their many friends and for the entire Auburn and UNC-Chapel Hill communities.


UPDATE: Here’s a story from the Duke Chronicle. Not surprisingly, the two rival schools will work together in remembering and honoring UNC student body president Eve Carson at Saturday night’s game.

Also, it appears that police in Auburn and Chapel Hill have determined that the two crimes are most likely unrelated.

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  1. greg

    this is the second time in the past year for unc to have a major tragedy like this, what with Jason Ray (unc mascot) being run-down last year during the ncaa tournament. very sad.

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