The Eyeguy Was There


But he’s not anymore–he’s somewhere else, far, far away. But the Eyefam is still “there.” The story of why they’re still “there” and why I’m “here” is a complex, heartrending saga of trouble in paradise. One that features a stuttering, sputtering Audi A4 with faulty ignition coils, a tense afternoon spent on the phone plotting an escape, and then a mad, moonlit dash into L. A. (Lower Alabama) with a chain-smoking, Diet Coke-swilling insomniac tow truck driver named Keith.

More details to follow.

  1. JRB

    And I am terribly sad that we were not there to catch you when you fell and to redeem your flight from the Emerald Coast. . .

    It’s Friday, Mike, but Sunday’s a’comin’!

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    No worries, I know that you would have been Johnny-on-the-spot had you been in town. But the folks here at the Red Roof Inn have been very kind, and the continental breakfast was to die for. Good grief, they even served some pretty darn good gourmet coffee!

    “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” Sunday is a’comin’ indeed.

  3. Mike the Eyeguy

    The Other Keith–

    Thank you, you don’t know how much I needed that laugh. But then again, maybe you do.

    I know all you rubberneckers are about to fall all over yourselves for a comment, so here it is:

    “Duke Till I Die!”

    I just hope they win another one before I do.

  4. doublevision

    You must have been around Gulf Shores. Was there as well. Stayed down at the Beachclub. Sorry I did not spot you anywhere. 4 years ago got in the old minivan to head home and had car trouble as well. Stayed and extra day at the beach but it was frustrating.

    Kind of sorry about Duke-but Memphis is hanging on BABY. Free throw shooting will kill us later. Hate to admit it and you probably will as well, but the tarheels are looking unstoppable. We will see.

  5. Mike the Eyeguy

    We were west of you in Seagrove/Seaside Beach, Florida where “The Truman Show” was filmed. It was a wonderful week up until noon on Friday. But in the scheme of things, my problems are few and far between. I am back in Huntsville and waiting to hear from “Hans” at the Audi dealership in Montgomery. Somehow, I think his message will involve some significant buckaroos.

    Duke going down just about did me in; they lost as I pulled into the driveway in Huntsville. But I knew all along they were a year or two (and maybe a player or two) away from going deep again. They’ll be back–they cycled down in ’95-96 and then started another extraordinary string, so I’m not worried. Memphis hung in and actually hit some FTs yesterday–what, 50% at least?–good for them.

    I have a new favorite team the rest of the way–Davidson. Number One applied there and we visited that lovely campus before his senior year. So, I feel that I have somewhat of a claim–Go Wildcats!

  6. carolinagirl


    These look like the prints I left in the sand as I headed home for some R&R. Just thought I’d drop a line to say hey and to say all is well in the land of sand.

  7. Mike the Eyeguy

    And I am so glad you did! I was hoping that you were doing well, and this is proof positive that you are.

    How much longer do you have before you can come back for good? What’s it like over there? Are you blogging about your time there? Following blogs? Inquiring (i.e. nosy) minds want to know…

  8. carolinagirl


    I haven’t done any blogging, but hope to take the time to put a few words on my site before heading back. Once I head back, I’ll have 8 months left. That was sort of the mentality in planning my R&R dates so I’d return in a different month then when I left. Anyway, will let you know when I’ve the opportunity to update my blog.

    I’m trying to follow blogs, but it’s very difficult. MWR facilities have internet cafe’s, but from office computers, many sites – including blogs – are blocked.

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