I’m a Davidson Man

Duke’s done, but after the requisite 24-hour grieving period, I’ve done switched to another team. I’m now a Davidson Man:


That’s about how much my bracket is worth after week one: 15 cents

Number One and I visited Davidson’s lovely campus before his senior year of high school, so I feel I can lay somewhat of a claim. Also, I actually saw Stephen Curry’s dad Dell play when I was a grad student at Virginia Tech. That makes me old enough to be Stephen’s father, which, on this Monday morning, is just another depressing thought to contemplate.

Oh well. Go Wildcats! And Go Duke–next year.

  1. Mike the Eyeguy

    And by the way, Razorbacks, that wasn’t very helpful.

    There is a part of me that wishes that UNC would just win it so that Hansbrough would just move on and leave us alone. But he may move on regardless, because that pot o’ gold is growing pretty large right about now.

  2. mmlace

    On behalf of Razorbacks everywhere, let me apologize.

    But I can’t really say much. I don’t watch basketball.

    The only sport I can really get into is football.

  3. greg

    There is a part of me that wishes that UNC would just win it

    There is no such part of me.


  4. Mike the Eyeguy

    It’s a very teeny, weeny itsy bitsy part of me, probably mostly fatalism. I will work hard to suppress it.

    I just want him to leave. But the thought of hearing the chant “UNC 5- Duke 3” does make me throw up a little in my mouth.

  5. cg

    Once again, Kansas holds their fate in their own hands. My Jayhawks have the talent and depth to win it all. No one star player to rely on, but a well balanced superstar team.

    The KU basketball prayer for 2008:

    Our Father, who art in Lawrence,
    Hallowed be thy Game.
    Thy bracket come.
    Thy one-seed will be done, In Detroit, and later San Antonio, as it is in Allen Field House.
    Give us this day our deserved game.
    And forgive us our turnovers,
    As we try to forgive Roy who double-crossed against us.
    And lead us not into defeat,
    But deliver us from East Coast bias,
    For Kansas is the basketball kingdom,
    And the tradition,
    And the glory,
    For ever and ever.

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    As I stood out on the balcony of my vacation rental during a timeout in the closing moments of the Duke-Belmont game, I finally broke down and prayed, “I know this is ridiculous Lord, but please, at least let us make it to the second round.”

    My prayer was answered.

    Go Wildcats, and short of that, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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