Thou Shalt Not Kick Thy Neighbor’s A$#

Once upon a time, just like the cell phone commercial, I fretted over how much time my kids spent text messaging their friends.

Then I tried it. And like Mikey, I liked it! There were many occasions and situations when a short text made more sense than calling. So we got an unlimited text message package and we all lived happily ever after.

But before the other night, I had never texted anyone except family members. But someone Lindsay changed all that…

Lindsay (texting from a number not in my address book): Hey its lindsay! Hope you guys are prepared to kick some neighbor in the a$#!

I started to ignore it and let it go, but then I thought, hey this could be interesting, so I replied…

Me: Lindsay, I think you have the wrong number

A minute passes, and then…

Lindsay: This isn’t frog?

I’ve answered to a lot of things in my day, but “frog” is not one of them. So, I responded…

Me: Nope, this is the eyeguy

There is now a very long pause during which time Lindsay is no doubt texting some other friend to check “frog’s” number and to reconsider just what kind of weirdo she has stumbled into. But, ultimately, she does the right thing…

Lindsay: Sorry eyeguy

I’m starting to like Lindsay more and more by now, so I took a chance…

Me: Its aight. But don’t kick your neighbor in the a$#. K?

This time there is a quicker reply…

Lindsay: K

  1. mmlace

    That’s funny! I wonder if they ended up kicking some neighbor in the a$#? Hope not!

  2. Mike the Eyeguy

    I hope not too. Good to hear from you.

  3. mmlace

    Sorry…haven’t commented as much lately. But trust me, I’m still here! Still reading! 🙂

  4. kdeats

    I love it. You might have saved some neighbor from a rump kicking:) I text messaged someone the night I got engaged and the person I was trying to reach changed their number. They text messaged me back saying that I had the wrong number…ME texted “sorry”. They congratulated me anyways:)

  5. Hal

    That’s a funny story.

    Allyson’s office had their Christmas party at her partner’s house in December. During the night a bunch of cops showed up at the house across the street. What happened was the man that lived there saw that his son’s cell phone had a message (but his son wasn’t there). The message was asking his son to go pick up some beer for them at the store. Apparently the man realized that these boys were under age, so he wrote back to them that the beer would be in the back seat of his (son’s) car in 30 min. Then he called the police and told them what was happening. When the boys came to pick up their beer the police arrived to scare the $h!t out of them. I don’t think that any arrests were made, but they made a good show of force. I hope the boys learned a worthwhile lesson that night.

    Maybe Lindsay did too. We can hope.

  6. Mike the Eyeguy

    Heh. Good ones, both of you. Anyone else have a funny texting tale?

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